It’s been hours now she was crying continuously making him frustrated. He was already tense with the situations going around not helping them either. The advocate whom they were going to meet just was not on his place leaving them frustrated. Samrat try to contact him but he was just not reachable.

Maan quickly made arrangements with his one of known lawyer r in Delhi. It was going to take two more day for the papers to reach at Jodhpur. Maan had asked him sent the copies here only since Samrat couldn’t travel in those days reasoning his Royal duties there.

Ab bas bhi karo sweetheart.. how much will you cry? Maan was worried seeing her crying continuously.


He had again sneak into her room like always and samrat was in guest room where Sulkshana was staying. While he had not seen samiksha anywhere in his sight. He could care less if she would had not messed up with his life that is his family , his wife and baby. He was burning in lava to think on those incidents, how dare that be***. He make few calls in his rage shouting on the person on the phone and bang his palm hard on the table there making her startle, and her hiccups increase tenfold.

Will you just shut up for once..?? He blasted going near her.

She gasp before crying loudly that Maan widen his eyes in horror if any one would listen. Guards were stil there standing outside.

He rushed forward silencing her by putting her palm on her mouth , she frown cutely and bite him hard that he wince and jerk his hand away only to listen her cries again.

Sweetheart.. plz.. he pleaded finally and that worked , she looked at him wiping her tears with her sari duppata while maan give her glass of water , she sipped few pushing saw the glass.

Kuch bologi nahi.. he asked softly putting glass on side table he sat beside her on the bed.

She cradle close in his arms like a baby silently and kept her head on his chest hugging him from his waist.


I already told you don’t take so much tension, it is not good for your health nor for baby. He mutter softly for he was completely calm now wanted to comfort her.

Trust me.. I will make everything alright for you.. he whisper rubbing his lips on her earlobe taking her all hairs on one side on her shoulder.

Geet snuggle closer really calm now, having faith on his each words.

His fingers trail down on her bare back making her moan with his raw touch.

Maan..she snuggle closer in his arms almost trying to hide herself in his warmth.

Maan smirk knowing she must be blushing like hell right now. He became more naughty rubbing his palm more sensuously on her bare skin wherever he got place.

Maan..she pulled out and looked at him pouting her lips , kya kar rahe ho..?? She whine trying to pushed him away making some distance between both.

Itni bholi mat bolo… Sweetheart.. he whispered huskily jerking her closer while he breathed in her body scent burying his face in the crook of her neck.


And don’t you dare to push me again.. he mutter huskily nibbling her earlobe..

Ummm. .. she just moaned out feeling his sweet assault , clutching his shirt collar , her eyes were closed enjoying his touch.

There little romance halted with the knock on the door, Geet snap opened her eyes , they were filled with terror now while Maan looked at her scared face.

Don’t be scared , sweetheart, you are Queen , it doesn’t suit you ,..he teased her at the end trying to take out the fear from her and she frown quickly pushing him away..

He jerk her close holding her back of head in his big palm.


I told you , don’t pushed me away from yourself.he whisper dangerously on her shivering lips and lick them when there was another loud knock on the door making him groan in anger.

Rani..ji..they heard small voices from outside.

Geet frown climbing down from the bed followed by Maan.

Maan opened the door and let the maids come inside. Geet was confused on finding them , they have brought dinner trolley inside.

Leave !! Maan asked them ,after they disappear from the room he closed the door and turn towards her only to see her smelling the delicious dinner , seating before the table .

He Chuckled on her cute antics walking near her.

Just then both heard the grumbling sound of her tummy.

It’s not good to keep the baby hungry , he taunted her making her grumpy.

She pouted making her eyes teary , you are worried for baby and what about me..I am also hungry..she complaint cutely turning her face away angrily.

That what I said Sweetheart , if the baby is hungry then it is you also , he sat beside her on the bed holding her chin he make her looked at him .

She was still upset turn her eyelashes down ,

Don’t you love our baby ??

Geet at instant snap her eyes at him angrily while her hand wrap around her stomach ,

Jaan se bhi jada..(more than my life)

Then ?? You should take care of your health sweetheart if you wants to take care of him, he tried to make her understand .

It’s not him , her..she instantly snap again..

What !! He was unsure of what she was speaking.

I said it’s babygirl. .she replied cutely while small smile touch her lips..

Maan smile with her taking her in his arms hugging her closely , she put her head on his shoulder going in her dreamworld.


You want it girl , he asked softly massaging her head ,combing back her hairs..

Nothing like that maan., Her voice was soft and meek only Maan could able to hear it , he listened to her silently wanted to know more of her inner feelings..

I loved my baby ..our baby .she corrected

More than anything.. it’s most precious possession of mine..she put her palm on her tummy while Maan snake his own palm on her.

I don’t care whatever it is girl or boy..

But I want to cherished those moments with my babydoll, which I missed in my childhood..

Her voice crack.. making his eyes moisten hearing her .

I wants to to see you pampering my doll before my eyes, play with her, fulfill her every childish demand.. she sobbed.

Karoge na?..( will you ?)

She asked like a small child looking at his face while his heart pain brutally hearing her.

I will Sweetheart..I will fulfill your every wish , your dream.. he crushed her in his arms while his heart cried hearing her pain.


I missed papa.. I missed my parents Maan..I missed his hug.. there love… My mum..

She started to cry loudly as her emotions got over her senses,

Shh… Sweetheart..he rubbed her back trying to sooth her pain

Why they left me Maan? Why?

If not they have, then I wouldn’t have landed here, I wouldn’t have trap in that false illusion of mine..they would have never let me..

She sobbed, making his eyes moisten , his heart pained .

I don’t want to be here , take me away Maan , I don’t want to be here anymore..

Maan didn’t get any proper words to sooth her pain , he just let her cry her heart out and sat silently holding her closed to her heart..


I will sweetheart, just few days more..he whispered on her head hugging her tightly more than promising himself to take her away from all those sorrows.

After a while she calmed down , he pulled her out of his arms and wiped her cheeks ,pushing back her curls.

It’s enough now, no more tears..he was stern as he kissed her forehead making her heart at peace.

She nodded silently while he made her drink some water.

Let’s have dinner now ,you need to take medicines also.. he spoke getting up from the bed , Maan turn towards her to see her walking towards the window.

Geet..he called her but she was lost in the view outside.

He walked behind her only to see now it’s raining heavily …

to be continued..

Precap :-

Dinner date in rainy night😉😍

& Rainy night continues ..😉


So here is Full maneet update for you guys.. 😊

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9 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 71

    MAAN is remembered as a passionate and protective lover. But it was really admirable journey that he went on to be a perfect father. HAPPY FATHERS DAY to our beloved MAAN.

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  2. Fabulous update dearie. I am admiring the way Maan is caring for her from the bottom of his heart. And Geet is super cute & adorable with her moods, tantrums and cute antics…I can understand her feelings and the need to free herself from the shackles of this marriage…I am also equally anxious for the paperwork to go through so that they can be free to love and live like a normal person….Openly and with all the rights in the world…

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  3. Nice part. Geet is crying continuously as she is not able to be free from her unwanted marriage and they couldn’t get divorce because samrat’s lawyer wasn’t available. Maan arranged for the the divorce papers but they will take few days to reach, which is making geet more restless. Maan tries to calm her down and it works a bit. Loved their moments together when they talked about their baby as geet wants to have a baby girl because she wants maan to pamper their baby like she wanted from her parents as she misses them a lot. Geet again gets emotional remembering her parents and maan feels helpless seeing geet like that. Nice precap. Waiting for more.

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