Maan … do I tell one thing?
yes tell me.
I love you so much.
yes..I love you..Maan kept watching her..

But do one thing jaana.. get up and give the money to driver.

Maan.. wake up.. maan was awakened from dreams.. yes yes.. let’s go.

He was so startle , rub his eyes and and face with his palms leaving a big sigh of breath.

Now he was fully awaken, he looked at geet. she looked at him and left a small chuckle before asking from him.


What happened? Did you had a dream.. you were looking startle . not a dream.. I don’t have any dreams. Maan was lying, but that was a beautiful dream that he had in so many years.


It was late evening when both reached at her mansion.  Rano opened the door hurriedly as soon as he rang the bell. He thought to go ahead to let the door opened so that Geet couldn’t have to be standing on the door.

When she saw him, she started to cry more holding him.

Don’t cry mom, I am safe and brought happy news for you, he console her wiping off her tears, geet was dragging her feet somehow, hell tires, she was limping behind him that her mother couldn’t able to saw her and she was lost in her own miseries , a loss of her daughter.

Maan, how can I be happy when my Geet went away leaving us, and that Sameer,  would be son in law of ours didn’t even have the courtesy to call once. He just forgot my Geet in one day. How can I forget my daughter? But one thing I comes to know, it happened for good that Sameer didn’t married my daughter. Now we can see, how much he was love he was having for our daughter, there was a taunt in her voice. That was all fake.

Yesterday Geet’s dad make call to him, but Sameer was so rude and he didn’t understand us. He was giving us his own knowledge..

She was crying in his arms giving him the info while Maan stood shock not knowing how to react, he felt anger rushing down his whole body, his fist tighten wanted to just give him tight punch on his face, how could his own buddy do like that with his geetu.

Geet who had reached behind Maan was so shock and angry listening her mother.

Her mother continued unknown that her daughter is also there listening..

He said.. be practical..

After asking from that what he is going to do now, he quickly replied that he is going to married to another girl now.

She was crying continuously, Maan was hugging her trying to console her while he was burning in rage from inside; Geet was in her own world lost in her the happenings from her accident.

It’s alright mom.. You please calm down.. Maan was trying to sooth her pain while Geet was looking at him continuously from behind.


She remembers all the happenings till now. She remembered that how he saved her by lifting her on his shoulder, then after saving her from the python how I hugged him and when she hugged him that time he was so humble, so caring. The way he was holding her hand never to let her go away all the time, there hug on the street, his that struggle to save me.. She was reminding all those things..

There was no more Sameer in her thoughts now after listening about Sameer’s doings also, its only Maan who occupied her thoughts now. in fact she was so glad to find out this true colors of Sameer and she got her Maan today.


Yes.. she got her true beloved.. Divine smile lightened her face and that’s when Maan turn his attention towards her, he caught her smile and was confused why she was smiling when she must have heard what her mom told him about Sameer.


Here Rano was still crying for the pain for losing her daughter,

My Geet’s soul will not get any peace now, Sameer betrayed her,, after she died he betrayed her. my Geet..

Geet finally came forward slowly while maan called her slowly parting her..


He gestured her through his eyes to looked beside them, while Rano turn towards her side and she didn’t know how to react.. Laugh or cry.. My daughter is alive.. Fresh layer of tears welled up as she pulled her in her arms hugging her tight.. no questions comes in her mind at that time.. How she is alive.. She showers her face with wet kisses, Geet was also crying along with her mother.

Both mother daughter sat on the sofa while Maan drag himself inside taking seat before them on another sofa. His eyes were moistening as well seeing the scene. Her dad climb down the stairs hearing the crying sounds. He was on the phone with commissioner who informed them about not able to find their daughter. They declared her dead. Even Sameer also said the same thing,

He was overjoy on finding his daughter safe and sound seating beside her mother.

Geet.. he called her and she just rushed into his arms limping..

Sambhal ke.. beta.. her dad hold her dearly in his arms , crying silently.

Dad.. she wiped his tears shaking her head in denial, Saying him not to cry.

After a while all were seating in the hall and geet narrated all the happenings to her parents.

Maan beta.. you are in god’s place for us.. geet’s father said with gratitude

You have given us the most precious thing of us, what should we give you? is nothing in front of this… I have get to know it today.. He cocooned his daughter lovingly while Geet was snuggling closer in her dad’s warmth. Her mother was seating on her other side holding her hand.

Give me one valuable thing that only you can give.

Ask us for our life..

No.. not that.. In today’s world no one stop for anyone. Not even life.. I want something else..

Geet was watching him flabbergasted listening him, her eyes were wide opened.


Give me a precious thing which cannot be valued … and that is it …Maan looked at Geet and he left a small chuckle seeing her expressions. …

Mom Dad , bless me with a lot of blessings.” After listening to this Geet’s face lighten up with a full dimple smile showing her teeth. She smiled whole heartily looking at Maan.

Her parents become happy as well hearing him

I am really proud that a person like you is a friend of our Geet.

Well.. I must take a leave now.

Geet ,, take care.

Stop Maan.. I have to give you something as well.. saying so she got up and threw herself in his arms hugging him tight in front her own parents who were left amazed with her stunt.


Maan was also shock and surprised with her hug that too in front of her parents.

Maan I know Sameer’s decision, I have heard all mom’s talks.. She spoke this turning her face towards her mother to let her know as well.

My friend.. my beloved.. my everything is only you, Maan.. if I let you go today then even god will not forgive me. I salute your love.. I am blessed to have your love…

Maan was dumbfounded, how did she know..


I know you loves me.. Maan ,, she answer his unsaid question smiling through tears.. Tears of happiness.. on finding her true beloved.. Her maan.

Rano and Mohindar stood up surprised and happy discovering the new thing. Tears of joy well up in rano’s eyes . both were happy that today there daughter get her true life partner who will not leave her hand in whole lifetime.

I love you Maan , yes only you.. not Sameer or anyone.. But I had realized my true feelings for you.. Which were not for Sameer.. But its’ only you from the beginning.. She cried holding him trying to prove her true love for him.

That was not love Maan , that was not that pure feeling which you show me , you make me feel it.. it is true love.. she placed her palm on his chest on his shirt.


Maan cupped her face dearly he was having tears of joy in his eyes as well on getting his geetu , all for himself. He could able to see her love shining through her moisten eyes.

You are my beloved.. Only you.. My maan… she said further making his heart flutter in joy.

He just took her in a bone crushing hug showering wet kisses on her neck, shoulder where his lips got place..

He was overjoy hearing her innocent confession.

Her parents left from there leaving both of them alone to rejoice there new found love.

I love you Geet.. I love you so much.. He mutter with his horse voice as he pulled out and cupped her face dearly,, his eyes asked permission from her for a kiss.


Geet shied hearing him and then his permission, he is still asking from her after all happenings, her heart flutter madly as she closed her eyes submitting to him completely.

He took her soft lips in a soul searing kiss leaving her dazzle. She kissed him back following his moves as it was first kiss of both them with their true beloved..


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  1. Wow!! Fabulous update. It was maan’s dream in the beginning which became true at the end. Maan goes to leave geet to her place safely when her mother narrated the whole experience they had with sameeer and how he told them to be practical and that he is going to marry another girl. Which made both geet and maan shocked and angry on sameer. Finally geet is united with her parents and confesses her love for maan before her parents, who are equally happy that their daughter has found a true life partner, who not only cares for her but loves her too. Maan too confesses his love for his geetu and both unite to never part away. Nice ending but I will miss this story. Thanks for the pm and a lovely story. Waiting for more maaneet stories from you😃👍

    Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh thank you so much for your love and blessings..
      i am glad you like it. you can find all stories index on menu bar..


  3. That was his dream,a dream of him from years

    Sameer cheated her and tell her parents to think practical and ready to marry someone already

    And finally she confess to him that she loves him and also knows that he also loves her

    Her parents are super happy to see their daughter gets her true beloved,they know that he will be there for her in all situations

    He also says he loves her❤❤❤

    Loved it

    R u giving an epilogue

    Waiting for your further stories😍😍

    They get their true love atlast💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you di.
      no ended there only..
      yeah going to start you reside in my soul soon enough.. i have made up my mind ..


  4. atlast geet realized his love fr her……………chalo betterlate dan never………..uss b****** sameer se toh peechha chhoda……….jo hota hai achche k liye hi hota hai………….

    lovely update………..

    loved it very much…………..

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yipppppppeeeeeeeee:):):) Me doing my happy dance:):):) A super fabulous update and what a confession yaar:):):) I loved the way Geet just up & confessed to Maan in front of her parents. Super loved it dearie:):):) Such a sweet and adorable love story:):):) Loved it a lot:):):)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Beautiful story 😍😍
    Loved it 💙❣️

    Geet nd Sameer is couple 🤔🤔

    They r going to engage bt geet met with accident maan save her

    Nd tht Sameer 😠😠😠
    Did he really loves geet ??

    Usse koi fark hi nhi pada ki geet ko jaake Dundee ghr ja ke so gya

    Kaise geet k parents se rudely baat ki ussne

    Maan loves geet nw geet also start loving maan after maan did all this

    Geet know tht maan love her

    Nd finally the confess to each other


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