What are you doing here?

He looked at her with burning passion in his eyes, he was lost in her to register her any words, he could only able to see her moving lips which were looking desirable at that moment with drop of water lingering there ready to fall down and it stroll down on her swan like neck moving down and further disappearing in her robe.


She stopped for a moment to see him lost, as she caught his gaze where that was lingering, her while shiver in fear and uneasiness, she clutch her cloth hard on her chest as if hiding her modesty.

He couldn’t bear to see her hiding herself from him for possessive lover was he. He instantly grab her in his arms pulling her from her waist.

Kunal.. She gasps. Leave me.. she struggle hard in his hold, she was totally shock and scared with his act today, first of all he barge inside her house at this late hours, she didn’t like it at all for she loved her privacy and that not include him at all.


Why.. jaan…

Hai dil main teri dhadkanien

Labon pet tera naam hai

Tu meri pyaas hai..

[Your heartbeats are there in my heart

Your name is there on my lips

You’re my thirst]

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He whispered on her lips dangerously touching her wet petals, she didn’t like it at all. Her heartbeats rise manically so was his beating with her rhythm. She tried to pull herself away from him holding his collar tightly in her fist.

She pushed him hard finally not bearing it anymore; her eyes were on fire today. She was out of control totally in rage. She was on fire.

Tere daaman se chootke

Bikhar na jaaun tootke

Tu meri aas hai

[After getting separated from you

I might break and scatter

You’re my hope]

Kunal turn mad and pulled her again this time holding her hairs, she wince in pain, her eyes welled up, there was pain and anger reflecting in her hazel eyes. She can’t believe he was doing this with her, her beloved, she turn her face away feeling disgusted seeing lust overpowering in his eyes. His hand roam shamelessly on her whole body making her feel sick.

Meri duniya ko mita toh doge tum

[I hope you won’t destroy my world]

He furiously pulled her face towards him and soften a bite seeing her moaning in pain, their lips inches closer and closer just touching each other..


Dhanraj shouted through he mike and Geet tried to move out of his hold , she was so upset today with this scene, she didn’t liked a bit of it, her eyes roam around in the search of him. Mr. Khurana. But he was nowhere in sight.

While she was busy locating him while felt a tug on her waist, he was still holding her, Rohit was as if lost in her , lost in the scene first time ever In his life. Directors shouting voice though reach on his ears but he was careless today.


He neared her lips as she was looking at him confused for why he was not leaving her, all disperse from the room for the break leaving only spot boy and three for them standing there. That included geet, pinky and Rohit himself who was not ready to leave her.

Rohit. She whispers clueless when her words died in her throat as soon as his lips landed on her locking it in a lip lock. Geet was hell shock, terrified with his move, just as he lick her lips staring a kiss she pushed him hard away from her making him stumble back.

Pinky rushed forward totally enrages and shock with the scene.

Geet tried to control her fury curling her fingers in a fist, her sharp nails pierce through her soft skin of palm making it bloody.

Geet are you fine? Pinky hold her from her shoulders supporting her,

What was that Mr.Kapoor. pinky blasted not caring about his stardom or her own position, the only thing matter to her right now is her only friend.

Geet was shivering in total rage, she doesn’t lose her control on own self like this but today it is something worse that happened. She wanted to slap across his face but control it for she not wanted to break her image in the world.

i..am… sorry.. Geetaskhi.. Rohit was shock on himself; he brushed his hairs back furiously with his hands, getting restless that what demon gone through him that he landed doing that sin.

He looked at her but she just rushed away from there angrily, throwing one angry glare at him. Pinky followed her giving him disgusting glare.

Spot boy was too shock but he recover very soon for him those incidents took place every now and then, and this becomes hot news for media people. He smirk knowing his next task now.

Dhanraj called for next scene but got to know that Geet had already left for a day. He turn frustrated hearing that though it’s first time she left like that, he calmed down himself for he got her msg that she was not feeling well.

They shoot another scene with other cast for a day.


How cheap he was, I can’t believe, what he tried to do with you?

Pinky mutter furiously bandaging her injure palms. Geet was lost somewhere in other world, she herself couldn’t stop her fury that was just increasing hearing pinky’s words, otherwise she was calm person , also those incidents always happened in her life reasoning her ravishing beauty but she had overcome all alone by herself but today it was something different, she felt more worse than anything.

Please leave pinky. She whispers while her eyes were on the floor all the time.

But geet.. pinkly tried to speak but geet whispered back controlling her rage not to shout on her best friend.

Plz.. Leave me alone.

Pinky guess she must needed sometime alone for herself to calm down her own self, so she decided to leave from there.

Take care. Were her only words before she leave from there. She instructed the servants to not to disturb her privacy but keep an eye on her secretly for her own safety for she knows her friend better than her own self.

Geet sat silent for a while, so calm..

Her fingers touch her own lips, both her fingers and lips shivered in terror reminding his touch,, his.. She shoot up from the seat rubbing off her lips furiously for she didn’t liked it at all.. She disgusted the touch.

She rushed inside washroom opening the tap,, water rushed out furiously, there was only his face coming in front her eyes right now. That was MAAN..

She cried helplessly rubbing off her lips with water.

I hate it.. Hate it.. She never shared a lip lock even on screen, its only peck, not even that, lips lingering nearby only..

She saw her reflection in the mirror.. Her lips and eyes swollen red, she washed her face splashing water on it. His face flash in her mind, his sexy smirk.. His sexy looks which he gives her every time. She felt it’s only his right. She wipes her face with napkin and tried to calm down herself.

She rushed to her gym room and thought to do some yoga; to calm herself down for she couldn’t lose herself like that.


She lay still on her bed lonely in her room. She was so calm like never before, her forearm rested on her forehead while her eyes were closed.

Her phone buzzed in a silent room, she looked at it and was confused finding unknown number on screen.

She pick it nonchalantly, and as soon as she rest it on her ear, heard ragging breaths on the other side.

She was not sure who is it?


Who’s it?

Your Aashiq !!

Her big hazel eyes widen hearing him..

To be continue..

note :-

Kunal is Rohit’s character name in the movie

I know no maneet in this one or no maan.maan will be there in next chappy and just hold on for few more updates as the story is bouncing further… let it be.. There will be maneet only for sure.. You know me.. Friends.. just 2 or 3 updates…. so don’t worry.. and this part is necessary for further story so don’t ignore it..

15 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 11

  1. Omg!! What an update. For a second I thought that it was maan in geet’s room but it was a shooting scene and that rohit😠how dare he kiss geet. Now maan will not spare him. He will surely pay for it. Geet is feeling disgusted and angry with his act and guilty too because again and again maan was flashing before her eyes and she feels only he has a right on her. She tries to calm herself and then gets a call from her aashiq. Missed maan in this part. Eagerly waiting for the next one. Hopefully he will be there and I wonder what will happen to rohit now😝 continue soon and thanks for the pm😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hehe.. yeah me too wondering what will happen to rohit now .. yeah as i have told before maan will be there in next chappy.


  2. Omg wt an update
    That was shooting only
    But Rohit , suddenly wt he do ,how can he
    She is uncomfortable during the scene also and due to his doings she is totally feeling low,she is only thinking of maan that he has only right on her

    And the aashiq is here
    Waiting for further
    Story is keeping its suspense well and also make readers hooked as to know wt will happen further

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh i am so glad reading your last words.. well i am still struggling with this concept .. how to put in right words at perfect place. thank you. let see in next chappy what will happens now..

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome update dearie. I really wanted to slap that Rohit so hard. Poor Geet…She is feeling so horrible and disgusted…I wish Maan was there…Where is he? I wonder what the spot boy was thinking when it was said he knew his next task…And poor Geet get a strange call from the Aashiq….Is it the spot boy? Is Aashiq posing as the spot boy? Or is it Maan? Or someone else….Super mysterious my dear and so intriguing:):):)

    Liked by 1 person

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