Part 3

He looked at The Queen standing infront him ,his chocolate orbs turn stubborn to stay on her beautiful face only,they refuse to leave her beautiful sight. Geet stared at the handsome stranger standing before her weirdly. His eyes that holding her onto him.her body stiff for a moment in his passionate gaze before shiver ran down her spine.she clutch his hands tightly diverting his attention towards her.

What happened Rani ? Are you fine?  The King asked out of concern on which she nodded yes silently to him.


It was after party she was returning to her room trying to reach the staircase that the pain on her feet rushed through her whole body and she stumble strongly this time .

She was going to fall that he hold her in his arms quickly.

Geet looked closed her eyes tightly in fear and her hands goes on its own accord on his broad shoulders holding him tightly. Her face wrinkle in great pain , that was hidden in his chest.

He hold her protectively in his strong manly hold never to let her go.his palms touching her each bare skin on back making him aware of her hidden beauty and that softness of hers.

He press his palm more than needed on her body feeling her that she moan in unknown pleasure .

Ummm. .she slowly opened her eyes taking out her face from his chest.she try to be part away from him but that didn’t happen as if making his wishes come true .her curls stuck into his coat button refused her to part away from her.

Aahh. ..she slightly wince holding onto his coat where her hairs were stuck.her bangles making sound in silent hall .there was no one apart from the two of them.

He hold her wrist tightly stopping her in her act.she stop and looked at him with her amber pool scare and slightly wondering about his next action.

His hands caressed on her bangles loving that sound of hers ..his palm reach to her fingers holding them in his own.

She looked at him suspiciously though finding nothing wrong in his actions.

His magnificent face was so closed to her own, while he kept gaping at her ravishing beauty closely.

Let me.he husk ever so passionately that she drowned in his voice nodded silently while her fingers were still in his hands.

His hot breath fan over her face shivering her lips .

He not leaving her hand ,take out her soft curls ever so gently with other hands.while his gaze was fixed on her quivering lips that were asking him to take them in his own mouth crushing them in his rough mouth to his heart content.

He gulp hard his growing desires.never in his life he felt this before for anyone. .that he was feeling now strongly for the bewitching beauty standing infront his eyes staring back at him.

He let go her hold suddenly making her stumble on her steps that he hold her again surprising both of them.

They wonder what was happening all this..

He take her in his strong arms without her notice that she clutch his neck tightly in fear.

I can can put me down.

She murmur in her melodies voice that left him yet again mesmerized. He glance at her nervous face that was turning red .

He smirk seeing her reaction.

What happened. .are you hurt somewhere?  He asked her making his way towards staircase hoping to find her room there only.for a moment he forgot about her martial status and she would be sharing her room with her husband aka King. They both conversed with each other as if they knows each other from the ages.there was that comfort taking place between the duo.

She didn’t reply remain silent to his question remembering her painful life.

There..there is our room.she softly said out to him gesturing him towards there room.

His hold got tighten on her catching her words “our” ..

She looked at his face turning stiff feeling his hold getting he softly made her lay down on her King size bed.where maybe they both..

He can’t think other things and just rushed out angrily. .

Geetanjali stared at his back wondering what type of Man is he..didn’t even let her to thank him for his help.

Her cheeks burning in pink ..she touch it remembering there moments downstairs.

She tried to sleep But sleep was nowhere on her tired eyes.yes she was hell tired but there was no sleep .she was turning on the bed alone inside her room like always.he was nowhere to be seen.the King.he always do this , goes out at night leaving her alone to get hell scared alone inside big room.

She clutch the cushion tightly to her chest hearing some sounds in her balcony.but she didn’t stand up in he fear and pain of her foot still is alive .

Her breath hitch in her throat feeling some weight on herself.

She was going to scream that man hold her mouth tightly with his palm.she bite it hard making him wince in pain and he jerk away his hand.but before she could opened her mouth to scream he slam his mouth on her own silencing her that by.

Her eyes widen in fear and shock.



7 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 3

  1. Fascinating Chapter

    Just the fact that Maan gets angry that Geet is married to the king Samrat and that
    they spend their time together
    Maan is attracted towards Geet’s beauty
    so he renters her room later at night , its as if he is bewitched by Geetand cannot stay away

    Liked by 1 person

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