Samrat Singh Ranavat 


The King of Jodhpur. 40 years old. Vicious man with Royal attitude oozing out through his hot blood.

Handsome with attracting features  with his Royal looks.

Having his own Business . had married to Geetanjali only a few months back .when did he saw her at first sight he was drowned towards Beauty and Grace.But still they didn’t shared that husband and wife relationship. It will come along in the further story..

wanted all things happens as per his wishes..very much stubborn .Love his mother dearly.possessive about His wife ..more will be in story..

Rajmata Priyamvada Singh Ranavat


Queen Mother of Jodhpur Kingdom.She was strict and had made her own rules and made everyone to followed it.Royal blood she is. .full of pride ..and self importance.

Love her only son dearly.wanted him to married some Royal Princess but very much angry and upsate at the thought of him being married to a normal middle class girl ,who is not royal.can’t be much angry on him .so she always burst her anger on Geetanjali for being reason for her Sons distraction.

Geetanjali Singh Ranavat


The Beauty caged in the Royal Palace. Wanted her freedom.wanted to live her life as she wished.age of 25. having long curly hairs .beautiful milky white skin that attract anyone ,so that attracted to the King himself and he had married to her at once.was bandished from going out of the boundary of The Palace. It was only with The King she was allowed that too closed behind the black cars of Royal family.

She was joviyal ..bubbly girl before marriage. Still there was that nature of hers hiding within herself wanted to come out but it was always pushed back by The rules of Royalty ..and Rajmata herself.

For name sake she was The Queen of Jodhpur but not having this happiness or she never wanted this.she wanted her carefree life back from which she was forbidden now.

Her relatives had sold her for money to the King. Though in the respect of there marriage and in admiration of Royal Prince ,she had accepted him as her husband but he never fulfilled there relationship.

The only person she can be layed on the King himself who also but didn’t got time for his Queen.he wanted her to be Royal like them and always in training with her but she hated this all and her neglecting towards it made him go mad on her.

The Gorgeous Queen she is that kept hidden behind Palace walls.just craving for the Love.which she was deprive from her childhood.her craving had turn into her unsatisfied desires of the women that wanted to get full fill. But her husband never cared leave her unsatisfied.

Maan Singh Khurana 



30 years old.Only heir of Khurana empire.dear Grandson of his Dadima. His only her more than his own life.parents had died at his young age only.having his own family business established .had reach the top of success ladder with his own hard work and passion towards it.tall ,handsome with sexy tone body of his that attract any female.the corporate world gad made him rude ,arrogant and the MSK he is now.roam with different girls though never had any sex with anyone .not even he kissed any girl.he thought that they are not worthy of it.he used them for his own reason and always change them every now and then.the girls also cling to him for the status , money and looks he having.
He didn’t believe in the facts of love and marriage. Wanted to live his life at his own term.
Savitri Devi Khurana


Sweet and loving dadima of maan.she is the one who had brought up him all alone after his parents demises .her only family is maan.she love him dearly and wanted all the happiness for him.wanted him to settled down in his life now at the age of 30 but he never listen that always put her in tense.
Value there tradition and morals yet with free thoughts of her and modern.


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