Maan was just returning back from doctors cabin having a talked with her on Geet reports and current condition.

He was surprised to find the Royal guards outside her room. He assumed it to be Samrat but as soon as he reach on the door he was left shock and furious on finding Rajmata there seating beside Geet on her bed.


Geet was lost in her new found paradise talking with her unborn child, when Rajmata barge inside.

Geet was petrified on finding her here on the first place , she was unsure why she was here , her hands on her own accord wrap around her stomach trying to hide her unborn child from her evil eyes.

You hide the truth from me ,Rani. ?? Asked Rajmata making her more shock.

Hum dadi banne wale hai..aur aapne humise humare hone wale pote ka each chupya.the hier of Ranavat.

Her words shook the hell out of Geet, she looked so frighten..

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She only shook her head in negative for she couldn’t able to utter any words , her lips tremble tried to speak , eyes well up , she was scared knowing her cruel destiny , it would snatch her only happiness now , she could be part away from her baby now nor her Mr.khurana.both of them now her only life .

Her eyes frantically tried to find her only saviour, Samrat but he was not there.

Nurse ran out from there getting the silent signal from Rajmata..

Jise AAP dhund Rahi hai..woh nahi aa paye..

Rajmata told her getting to know her silent behaviour.

Geet just silently sat there waiting from her yet another wrath while her eyes stay on the door waiting for her Mr.Khurana now.

Don’t you wanna know why he is not here ? Asked Rajmata further taking the seat beside her while Geet cradle back away from her.

He found out the culprit who was behind your all attacks .

Her words made Geet to widen her eyes in astonishment.

Attacks..?? She don’t know and why would anyone tried to harm her when her real identity was hidden from the world.

Yes Queen, it’s Mr.Khurana’s fiance !!

Miss. Samiksha !!

Rajmata feed her with the information giving her shocks after shocks.

Geet was angry now hearing her name and that truth.

She could stoop so low ?? She thought disgusted..

Samrat wanted to punished her but I given her forgiveness for now , as she is our guest that too Mr.Khurana’s Fiance , isn’t she ??

Her words burn Geet’s heart furiously ,making her eyes red with pain and anger.

She gulp hard just then her eyes landed on Maan who had just entered inside the room.

Mr.Khurana ?? You here ??

Rajmata asked faking surprise on her face and tone.

What were you talking about Samiksha ? He asked suspicious while looked at Geet who was giving him accusing looks.

She is the one behind all attacks on Geetanjali. As those words left from her mouth Maan found himself burning in extream rage.

He turn to looked at her, Geet was still giving him those looks which he couldn’t stand.

But we have forgiven her for her first and last mistake, Mr.Khurana since she is your fiance..

Rajmata spoke getting up from the bed ,she walked towards him facing him.

You can punish her,she is not related to me in any senses, Maan clarify while his eyes were only on her face .

Geet turn to looked at him hearing him.

Infact you should punished her for the grave mistakes she had done.

Rajmata could really see the burning chemistry between two as her eagle eyes gawk him and her. Their were silent talks going between both Maan and Geetanjali.

Just then Samrat entered inside surprised to find his mother there .

Rajmata , I have told you before only ,she was going to come today back to Palace then what are you doing here ?

Can’t I come to see my daughter in law and after all she has given us good news.

Rajmata’s those words left Both Maan and Samrat in shock.

Both looked at each other first then toward her.

Son, how can you hide this big news from your own mother,

You are going to be father son, and geetanjali is going to give us heir .

Rajmata reveal further making three of them petrified , Geet almost cried muffling her mouth .

Maan clinch his fist hard for he couldn’t bear the drama more , he was just going to shout his claim on his baby and Sweetheart when Samrat stop him holding his hand, for he couldn’t give his mother a sudden shock , he could clarify all things slowly when they will be back to Palace.

Geet looked at both men for help but all were bounded by circumstances.


On there way back Samrat purposely sent his mother first to palace in the reason to make arrangements for Geet’s grand welcome.

While three of them settle in another vehicle. But unknown to them Rajmata had already sent her guards behind them secretly.

Geet snuggle closer in his arms so restless with ongoing events , Maan hold her close hidding her protectively in his arms.

maneet-o (4)

Samrat looked ahead on the road asking driver  to take them towards their advocate office. He knew now what he needs to do.

Hume bahot chinta ho Rahi hai..Geet whispered so scared thinking what is going to happen at next moment.

She parted away from him and make some distance which he didn’t liked as he pulled her again in his arms more passionately that she tremble, her hairs comes on her face with a sudden pulled.

He pushed back her curls tucking it behind her ears , caressing her cheek lovingly.

Don’t worry , every thing will be fine.

Geet look into his eyes , her eyes were moisten red showing her pain and longings.

Hum aapse dur nahi Jana chahte..nahi aapko Jane denge..she whimper holding onto his collar tightly ,

I will not leave you nor let you go from me, I promised , you trust me , don’t you ?

Geet shook her head having faith on his each words today.

He kissed her forehead lovingly wipping off her tears from her cheeks .

She sniff cutely wipping her nose making him smile seeing her adorable gestures.

He pulled her face to his level before taking her lips for a soul searing kiss.

Samrat smirk turning the rear mirror aside.

Precap :- ???

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6 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 70

  1. Fabulous Chapter

    How did Rajmata find out about Geet’s pregnancy and now she seems happy that Geet will
    be giving her a heir making Geet frighten that she may have to lose either Maan or her baby
    Rajmata also reveals to Geet that Samiksha is the culprit behind all Geet’s attacks
    but this time Geet is disgusted with Samiksha and Maan also tells Rajmata that she can punish
    Samiksha as she is not related to him in any senses
    Geet tells Maan that she is scared to lose him while Samrat now has decided to go to his advocate
    so maybe Samrat wants the divorce proceedings to continue then he will speak to his mother

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  2. Awesome update my dearie:):):) That Rajmata is planning something if not why she send her guards secretly behind them. She is so terrible and cunning. She was purposely hurting Geet by telling the truth behind her attacks and who the culprit was…I was so happy that Maan said that the culprit was not at all related to him and that they should punish her. This idiotic Rajmata is so mean and heartless…She is playing mental games causing so much agony and emotional turmoil to Geet purposely.Luckily Maan & Samrat came there and were there for Geet…And now Samrat is taking them to the lawyer’s office…I do hope that Samrat has gotten the divorce proceedings done and could do register marriage of Maan & Geet immediately. Truly hoping this would happen with all my heart dearie:):):) Super loved this update):):)

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