Part 1


The Palace of Jodhpur stood enchanting in its all glory captivating everyone .why wouldn’t that be when the Royal people inside it were always glow in there own was placed on  the boundary of Rajasthan  in secluded area far away from crowded city life beside the jungle. There was just greenery upcoming rainy season it’s started to Bloom more in its green and yellow colour.
The Palace was decorated beautifully adding to more charms of it.It was the function going to be held in grand palace in the evening , the reason still has to be known .
Inside Palace all arrangements were going on for the party going to happen in the late evening .
Rajmata Priyamvada decsended the huge Staircase and all the servants bow down in her respect.

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Where is Your Saheb ? Rajmata asked from one of the servant , Royalty was ouzing out with her each words.

He has gone out to do some unfinished work of his.the servant reply bowing down his head.

And where is Rani ? She added further with anger coating in her words asking about her.

Ji wo Rani ji to Abhi apne kaksh main hai. (Maybe The Queen would be in her room only)

Its increase her anger more as she dismissed them for there work and marched towards The Queen Room.

Here The Queen of Raypur was laying down on her huge puffy Royal Bed.She was too tired to woke up now after yesterday’s her forcefull training by him.

She was furious only to think about him .Just how could he force her to do something against her wishes.She is also The Queen of Jodhpur .

Rani..aap Abhi tak so rahi hai. Didn’t you know the party is going to held today in our Palace ? Rajmata fired at her as soon as she step inside her messy’s increase her anger more but she cant tell anything or even do anything with her when The King himself has warned her for doing so.

I was not sleeping but just taking rest.The Queen fired at her back knowing her nature.Her hazels were fuming red same as eyes of Rajmata.

What is the difference between both the things..Rajmata mock her Daughter in law in her own Royal way.

Hai.bahot farak hai Rajmata. (It is.there is lot of difference in both the things )

Rani argue back not leaving the chance.

Not the way it is between us.You and Me. .Nor it is like between us..You and Royal Family..your Family Or Our..


Rajmata spitted  her venomous words as always making her go weak on her knees.

The Queen stumble holding the bed and rushed to washroom leaving smirking Rajmata behind as she finally made her go weak.


Hume yeh sab nahi karna hai..aap Hume akela kyon nahi chodte.

(I don’t want to do all this. Why can’t you all leave me alone )

The Queen stated in frustration not wanting to do any artificial things with herself.she don’t like all this.she like herself just the way she is now..the Natural Beauty she was.

But.its..the maid started to said but before she could she was stop by Rajmata who step inside hearing her words.

It’s my order and you have to do it.

Rajmata said out her Royal words yet again making her sad and angry.

Why should I ? Why always..She stood up and turn furiously at her .Rajmata signal all to go out leaving both of them alone.

You have to sins you are The Queen of this Palace and Jodhpur. There will be lots of people today to watch out there it’s needed my dear.she added with sugar coated voice of hers.

But i dont want it..

You have’s my more words .she order and leave from there gracefully.

Nahi..hume yeh sab nahi chahiye.The Queen pushed all things from the dressing table breaking them in millions of pieces just like her heart ,soul and her self respect was broken and still breaking in this Big Palace. It’s so big but she have nothing of her own in this. .she is ALone .all alone..the doll in others hands.not having her own wishes  , her own desires .that was just crushed down in the feet of this Royal people.

Ahh..she wince in pain as jolt of pain surged through her whole body making her stumble.

The big pieceof glass was stuck inside her foot cutting her soft skin of her foot.

Painful tears rolled down her eyes just the way blood was outing out of her foot making her dizzy.


He came inside somewhat worried but didn’t show on his face that was looking straight and strict of expressions.

Where is Rani ? He asked to the servants standing with there head bow down in respect of the King.

She is in her room resting now.the maid explain him and he rushed towards her room.


He signal all the maids there and they leave from there leaving both The Queen and The King alone.

She struggle to opened her lids and got success after sometime and soon her hazels got brighten to see him infront her seating beside her on the bed ,concern for her glistening in his eyes.

Aap aa gaye ? She asked all blooming in happiness trying to sat up but he didn’t let her holding her shoulders resisting her from doing so.

Aap aaram kijiye.don’t take tress.he order her in his king manner.

How it’s all happened ? Why are you doing this ? Why ? He asked her making her all sad and her face  fell ,lips pouted ready to burst in tears.

Do you know what is it today ? Ha Rani..

You do know ..then also. ? How could you ? His voice turning high but he control sticking to his Royal manners.

Geet dont know how to react .her tears rolled down on her chubby cheeks.she sat there with her head downwards.

You are the Queen of this Palace, this Jodhpur. So behave the one.

Do you understanding what I am saying Rani.he suddenly grasp her closer holding her shoulders, his furious lips touch her shivering petals sending current down her spine with his touch.

Her lips tremble in anticipation to his next move but it didnt happened instead she felt him going away from her leaving her hungry in her desires.

She turn her face away feeling insulted yet again.

You are the Queen. Queen of mine aswell. He stated with Royal attitude ouzing out of his each words and each actions.

She at once snap her eyes at him.

Queen of you ? She asked him as much as asked herself more.

Hum toh aapke kuch bhi nahi hai..Bas ek mehbooba bankar rah gaye..woh bhI. .but her words left in her mouth as he grasp her again suddenly making her tremble in his hold.

You are my Queen. He repeated again stubbornly carrasing her soft cheeks sensuoslly that she closed her eyes feeling him.

The knock on the door break there moment and he went again leaving her all alone..not before asking her to get ready for the party.



She sat there numb feeling nothing but sadness rushing through her whole body as she stared at the Royal jewelleries spread across the Dressing table placed infront of her.she has weared that royal saree despite her dislike to this irritating cloth in hot weather. She has to wear this Royal jewelleries too ..she has to just like she has done so many things despite her will .

He stared across the road glancing out of his car window in hot weather. He felt the hotness rushing through his body as he closed the car window .he hated this too much travel  but has to do it now and then for his business purpose.his business deal just like now he was travelling down to Jodhpur for this Royal business deal.

He sigh as he remembered his one of clients words back in office.


I must say you are very lucky to go there..

He twich his brows in question at him..

You will get to see the beauty.. The Queen..his voice was coated with lust.

He turn furious at him hearing his words. .

What do you mean ? Why not KING  why it is The Queen. .? He asked controlling his rage..

It’s not the King..offcourse is THE Queen only.

The Gorgeous Beauty she is. .i have heard that no one can match her beauty in any way..she is not to be seen..Nor her any can see her only in her Palace..he added making him astonished with this new info .


He came out of his thoughts as they interact inside huge premises of Jodhpur Palace. His car enter inside the huge gate follow by his other cars in which his bodyguards were coming.

He got out of the car follow by his bodyguards who surrounded him. .strange it was any media was not preset there.


She was seating there lost as her maids were making her weared all the jewellery. Once it was done she asked them to leave .her eyes fall on the sindoor box .she pick it softly opening it she stared at the Red powder  nonchalantly.

It was mocking at her.she felt it unknown .it was unknown to her. She felt nothing. She absent mindly pinch little sindoor in her finger tips and fill her partition feeling all peace rushing through her whole body as she closed her eyes.felt him kissing on her forehead lovingly where the sindoor was apply.soft smile adored her quivering lips as she open her hazel eyes only to see herself alone in the room.her lips pouted in sadness.


He entered inside the huge hall of palace. .his eyes shine in appreciation on the Royal view..Royalty was ouzing through each corner of the Palace. Adi came inside following him .that’s when both of then heard a Royal hard voice .

Mr.Khurana. Welcome..The King descended the Big Staircase in his Royal attitude approaching him He greeted him .

Nice to meet you MR.RANAVAT. he greeted back shaking his hand formally .

It was the guest you were talking about..RAJMATA came from behind .he looked at her..her each actions and moves talking about Royalty.

Yes he is..MR. MAAN SINGH KHURANA. he is going to work in with renovate SHEESHMAHAL.

Welcome Mr.Khurana. .She greeted him in her own  Royal attitude .

Party get into full swing as he met up with his few business associates aswell as few Royal people present there.all of a sudden hall became dark leaving one spotlight on stairs.

He heard sweet sound from his back.


He turn towards the sound and he stop dead at the spot seeing that Gorgeous Beauty descending down the stairs.


He was blank for a moment standing numb to see this much beautiful face .he had never came across anyone this much pretty in his life .he has been with many girls but never he had seen this much gorgeous beauty.

GORGEOUS. .the words left from his mouth and adi laugh in his own fear for The King..

He came out of his lost state after light come back shining the whole Palace. .he saw her stumbling on her steps. Seems like she was in pain .he takes steps towards her but before he could move forward he saw The King rushing towards her and support her preventing her from fall.


he clinch his fist tight as anger rushed through his veins seeing the sight.his hands were on her bare waist holding her.he snatch the drink glass from the passer by waiter and drank it in one go.adi laugh at his attitude in his own style only to receive glare from his boss and he shut his mouth.

He glance at the  Gorgeous lady coming towards them.his eyes became red in passion or that something he saw his protective hold on her soft waist .one question arise in his mind ..who is she ?

Soon his question got answer as he saw them both approaching towards HIM .

images (21) my wife MRS.GEETANJALI  RANAVAT. THE QUEEN OF JODHPUR. .THE QUEEN OF THIS PALACE. .and the Queen of mine..he added glancing at her blooming face in happiness..

She glance at the King feeling happiness rushing through her whole body to be introduced like this by her husband. She glance at the handsome face infront of her..she was all lost in her husband and his protective hold on her body .

That was what she wanted from long time.she don’t know when she will get it back. .his touch on her body..she wanted to relive it..being in his arms .

And Mr. KHURANA. .WHO is going to renovate our SHEESHMAHAL.

She glance at the handsome face of MR.KHURANA.His eyes were red in anger maybe..she catch it..she did..she wonder glancing at his face.


On the other hand maan was too much shock after getting to know that she was MARRIED. .and the Queen of this Palace. .his eyes stared at her back holding so much passion in them unknown to himself .He stared at her hazels getting drown in her amber pool ..the Gorgeous lady infront of him is MARRIED.


13 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 1 & 2

  1. Poor geet though she is queen of jodhpur still she is aloof and Longing for her husband love.. indeed I m also heartbroken like maan to here she is already married… waiting for the upcoming parts too thanks for reposting dear❤😘👏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohhh. Dear love royal love story…its weird tat Mr.ranavat still not live with rani….y did he marry her if rajmata dislike her….wow ….maan admire a Gods wonder beauty of Rani….BT same time shocked to know tat she’s married

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fascinating and Awesome Chapters

    Rajamata is very horrible that she makes Geet feel weak
    making her feel sad about her family that is just so disrespectful
    especially for a queen Mother
    Geet though a queen she is not happy about everything going around her

    but yes she indeed was happy when the king introduces her as his queen to Mr Khurana
    while Maan was angry strange though as he does no know Geet at all
    its his first time and at the same time he holds passion in his eyes for her
    while Geet is just so happy that her husband is hold her he is close to her

    Liked by 1 person

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