Maan sat inside his car hurriedly to chase her own. Maya had provided him with his own car alike others security guards.he speed up to reach her and caught her sight talking on phone.he try to go side by side her car but git stuck in the traffic.Shit. .he bang on the stirring furiously.
Yippi!!  I did it..now he will not come behind me..
Geet make small dance seating inside car. Driver kaka who was known of her childish nature chuckle softly as he turn his neck sideways to talk with her.
Bitiya. It’s for your own good only ,didn’t it.
Kaha ka good kaka..it’s my mum’s over protectiveness nothing else.she made a face.as she remember  her mother always behind her saying don’t go here alone.take one guard with her, she is fed up now with all this.and she needs her mother beside her not this guards.her eyes turn moist. She is always busy in her own work that didn’t having little time for her.
Are Bitiya you know it’s her work.
So what kaka .is her work more important than her own daughter. She turn frustrated that driver kaka just shut his mouth and continue to drive further silently.
Her mood turn upside down she sat there huffing her face.her phone buzzed again but she didn’t take it in her grumpy mood.

images (2)

What happened baby.you seems in bad mood today. Aaditya asked in great worry to see her sad mood as if she is ready to cry anytime.she is in his arms whereas he is holding her like a baby reasoning her legs injury.

His fist tighten unknown to him seeing the scene .
What else the reason is.her mother only..niks the tomboy of group reply nonchalantly knowing her friend well.
Shut up Niks. .don’t talk about my mum in that way..
Oh.ho…Looks who is talking ..
She stand from her seat to look at her and turn surprise  to see her in Aditya arms.
By the way ye kya pahna hai tumne..she asked pulling to her skirt..
Geet flinch back angrily in his arms glaring her.
You didn’t even asked me as what happened to my leg and asking about the dress. Geet gritted her teeth blaming her friend.
Hey wait wait ..Aditya you can keep her down now. Karan came from behind furious from inside looking at the scene.

images (3)

Aditya made a face not liking his act.he don’t like him this much.its Geet only who have bound them all in group of her dear friends.
What’s your problem if I wanted to keep her like this only in my arms.
Adi. .you can keep me down now.i can seat here on the chair.
Geet try to calm down the situation seeing the war is going to start soon.
She still don’t know the reason of there behavior towards each other or there disliking .
Ouch. .she wince again as seated on the chair.its had hurt her definitely big one.
Geet aaram  se .all three of them caution her.
I am fine..she try to make them relax as not to worry more about her.she don’t like that.
How it all happened babe. Niks asked her seating beside her as they order there cold coffee.
Umm.it’s nothing.i just sleep on stairs…stairs.words buzz in her mind making her remember there first clash on the stairs.his chocolate eyes ..
Geet..Geet…where are you lost..
Karan asked her .

Nothing! abhi main event kaise karungi, in this..she asked pouting ignoring the other topic.
Let me see once where are you hurt.karan asked her but before he can touch her she stand up hurriedly stumbling upon Niks seeing him standing there staring in there direction wearing his black goggles. Is she dreaming ..she rubbed her eyes along sided wincing on her leg.
Hey babe you are always ready to broke my bones as well along with own.
Geet what happened. .
But she was still lost in him.seeing him staring at her continuously.
Three of them look at the direction where she is starting shock or fear.
Hey who is thaT? niks ask first seeing Maan staring at Geet only.
Did he is following you baby. Aditya asked turning furious at the thought.
Umm. .ya..she lie wanting to get ride of him soon.
Let me just see him he take steps further to beat him but she hold his hands not letting him go.
No adi. It’s ok.just leave him here.nothing to worry about..we will just leave from here. Geet fear , if something goes Wrong.lets move guys.we are getting late.she diverted them somehow still both leave glaring at him.
Geet leave a sigh of relief. She don’t want to tell anyone now about her mum’s new BG.
Don’t. I can walk holding niks. She spoke fast as soon as karan tried to take her in his arms. She don’t know she doesn’t feel good near him like Aditya. He always gives negative vibes to her but she ignore it reasoning he is her friend like adi.
Karan tighten his fist to remember her being in Aditya’s arms and here she is denying him.he rushed behind them as they step outside the resto.
Geet we have to visit the doctor first.baby look at your leg it’s swollen slightly. Aditya try to make her understand seeing her foot.it might be increase as well neglecting it now.
No.no.we don’t have time for this guys,we have to reach at concert as soon as possible. Just hurry up and take the car there.
Hey..adi why you are worrying for her when she herself don’t want it.nick taunted yet again making her fume red.
Nicks just shut up now.here matter is serious and you are going to doctor first..
No..she scream loudly almost stirring the car…
All three just closed there ears tight.
Take me to concert now neither I am going in my own way.saying so she try to open the door that adi grasp her waist from behind stopping her.
Hey babe..just relax ok. we are going there now. .she sigh as the child in front her.
Geet flash her full smile showing her all teeth to them.
Tere gande dath hume mat dikha.
(Don’t show your dirty teeths to us)
Nicks commented again rolling her eyes.
Youu…..Geet scream again bouncing on her.

He speed up the car yet again to chase her own. don’t know from where to where this girl is making him go round round for her.
His fist tighten on the stirring remembering the scene in the restaurant. She just denied to her friends of his true identity. Yes he heard her right.
So you are hiding it miss Handa. .let me see now.saying so he walk out of the car hiding his eyes in his black goggles.
Hey….let me got ready first you dumbo. Geet push niks from side making her stumble in her steps.
She stand in front of the mirror yet again fighting with her hairs.
You are looking bhootni for sure. niks laughed out holding her stomach seeing her messy hairs.
Just give me your hairs.saying so Geet started to pull out her silky hairs making her scream in pain.
You bhootni. Just leave me..what are you doing.
Taking out your hairs for me..Geet said nonchalantly doing her act with great interest.
Just leave me..niks pushed her and her foot pain yet again.
Ouch. .you just pushed me…she pouted blaming her.
Oh..I am so sorry babe. ….niks sat on her knees blowing on her foot.
Geet are you ready.its time for you to go out babe. Her make up man came in the green room to help her out.
No…she make a face pouting at him.
Ufff. .Geet you should be out now…lets make it fast.saying so he come closer to her doing her hairs he bound them in pony making her relive for a moment.

Thank you dada  (bro) you are great.she kissed on his cheeks.
Koi muze bhi kissy vissy do..niks near her cheeks towards Geet.
Geet giggle softly before leaving wet kisses on her cheek.
Yuuuu. .geet…yeh kya kiya…niks make a yukky face wiping her cheek.
Make up dada giggle along with Geet
babe how will you manage with your foot.its not hurting you.
Ya it’s but little bite. don’t worry.i will manage.
But …
Dada don’t worry .I will..
Ok..he looked at niks before leaving seeing her still standing wiping her cheek.
Come fast honey.its getting late…
Maan stand there in a corner showing his identity to the securities there though most of the people from them knows him.still it’s his duty to do that.
He looked at the stage in front where the models started to do there ramp walk.the thought come in his mind.she too was going to do the same.but how us she gonna managed with her injured foot.

He rushed towards the green room where she is going to get ready.
As he step inside he stand dead on his place looking at the beauty seating there in her traditional Yet modern looks looking gorgeous. He have not seen anyone before that much beautiful as the mermaid seating in front his eyes.

You…how did you come here..
Geet asked as soon as she look at  the door where he is standing all lost in her.
She stand up suddenly and her foot hurts.
Ouch..Maan rushed towards her to support her.
Aaram se ..he said holding her in his arms.
How did you come here.she asked again looking at his face that was close to her own.
It’s my duty mam.he reply making her seat on the sofa behind them.
Let me look at your foot.he requested softly holding her foot.

She shiver before pulling her foot from his hold.his touch sending current to her spine.somewhat feeling uncomfortable she said him.
No.its ok..I am fine now.
No you didn’t. He reply as fast as she did.
It’s my foot.so I know I am fine now. she argue with him where as he grasp her foot again making her scream in pain.

Shhh. .don’t shout.do you want everyone to knows about me..he smirk holding his palms on her lips feeling there softness.
Geet’s eyes turn big in realization. She nodded in negative hurriedly.
He chuckle seeing her reaction. She fumed looking at him smile.
Now be a good girl and let me help you with your foot.he demanded holding her foot.
Geet closed her eyes in pain as unknown sensation goes through her veins .clutching his shoulders tightly.
She don’t know when she open her eyes finding great relief in her foot.she stand in amazement looking at him and make a small dance in happiness.

Yippee!! Its got alright. .yeeey. ..she dance in her happiness leaving a quick kiss on his cheeks she storm out of the room saying quick thanks to him.
Maan stand there mesmerized. .first her that big dimple smile her dance of happiness and last but not least it’s her kiss.did she just kiss him….

The concert ended and her friends came rushing through crowd towards her in amusement.
Hey babe.how it’s happened. Niks asked her in amusement finding her foot all fine infact she had walk on ramp jumping almost.
yeah, Geet your foot seems to be alright now. Karan asked her after niks,feeling happy to finding her jumping in joy.Don’t you guys think it’s time for celebration after this big event got successful. She ignore the topic or try to ignore her new Bodyguard as she remember how he has did the magic and her foot got cure.
Geet, first tell us Aditya urged her seeing her ignoring it.
There is nothing to tell guys, as I said you before I will managed and it will get alright on its own and that’s what happened.
She told lie ignoring yet again his identity .
He stared at her enjoying with her friends in the pub. He didn’t like the idea at all but who can protest the Handa girl, stubborn and attitude queen, He smirk remembering her all antics till now. He has known her till now by this nature of hers.
Well now he have to bear that antique peace. He chuckle holding the glass in his hands.its just act of pretending to mixed up in the crowd.he couldn’t drink when he is on duty.he thought as he stared at her parting hard with her friends unknown of her mother’s worry in her home. Maya had just called him inquiring about her daughter, Her where about,  her safety. It’s almost late night and now she remember about her dear daughter.
Why would he thinking of them anyways. It’s there life , there relation. It’s just his job or duty nothing else.He looked at her going on the dance floor and jumping there like a kid.she is childish but yes yet mature to take out that gracefulness and her attitude on the stage doing that magnificent ramp walk with her gorgeous looks ever. He got lost in her remembering all the incidents from morning till now.Here geet was enjoying her celebration with her friends in the mid of all crowd.she is jumping between them dancing on the dj music.Baby we will just come drinking some…
Aditya Said out loud to be heard by her.
No..you are not going anywhere leaving me here..and not that hard drink.you get it. She hold his colleagues angrily swinging with music..
Karan was already gone for some fresh air .he was not that used of this loud.its geet for whom he was doing all the things which he hated.
Oops baby,  just relax. .I am not doing that.its just water.i am feeling thirsty. I will not today for you. ok. he cupped her face saying her lovingly.
His fist tighten on the glass seeing the scene in front as eyes turn red in anger unknown to him he was not liking this.
Yaar just let’s go fast I  so damn thirsty. Niks pulled him along her ignoring Geet’s pleading to not to go leaving her in the crowd. She was somewhat started to feel uncomfortable in the crowd.its her friends she was enjoying with.now started to feel bored that one boy came from behind trying to be closer with her.
She jerk and turn towards him glaring at him furiously.
Hey babe, let’s move to the beats .saying so he pulled her from her waist as his hands try to reach her bare thighs as she was wearing her shorts.
Before he touch her one hand stop him almost crushing his damn hand in his fist tightening that.
Geet who was very much angry on the boys audacity wanting to punch him right on his face but before she does anything she saw her New Bodyguard coming between them holding his hand roughly that was going to touch her thighs. His looks can killed anyone.eyes had turn red in anger .she looked at his muscles becoming prominent as he hold his hand furiously. She poked it to feel it’s hardness.
Oww. .your body is too good BG. It’s even better that Aditya or Karan. .she commented despite the situation going on around her.
Both the boys glance at her in amusement as if what is she saying.is she turn mad or what.here what is happening ..
Maan just glared at the boy feeling frustrated on her weird talks.he just goes back jerking his shoulders at him.
Hey buddy .it’s just dance. Let me move from here.saying so he  goes off leaving weird look at Geet.

Maan turn towards her to see there was no she. He look around to see adi and Niks still seating on the bar maybe drinking soft drinks.
He try to find her again in the crowd and see her dancing with one boy as usual jumping with him and that boy seems to be mad  like her. Again…God…save me from this mad girl..he pray inside as he move towards them furiously now owning to take her away from this place.
Geet..Geet..he hold her hand furiously seeing her not listening him.
She turn towards him.
What..again got busy in her funny dance with her funny Buddy.
He jerk her towards himself that new Buddy just rush from there seeing him glaring at him furiously.
Hey Bodyguard. Leave me.let me dance.
She jerk off his hold from her waist again mixing up in the unknown crowd.she was dancing madly forgetting her friends that one hand snake on her belly from behind carresing her waist chain. She stop her moves feeling him behind her.
Ohh she just forgot her new Bodyguard.
She continued to swing in his arms as the music turn little  towards softness. She turn in his arms as his hands hold her waist protecting her from all the crowd dancing around them.
She swing in his arms carefree of her all surrounding .where as he continued to stared at her moves. Her smiling face that was brightening in the night.
The music turn again to pop up buzzing all the dance floor with it.and geet turn mad again started to jump in his arms as he was not ready to leave her seeing all the boys staring at her trying to come closer her but he didn’t let anyone with just his one glare.

Ouhho just let me dance more.she was continuously buzzing behind him dancing in the parking.
Maan had just drag her out as it’s been 2 a.m. now.her enjoyment also got fulfilled now time to go home.he wonder as Maya didn’t called him back again.its 2 am now still she didn’t.
OMG I just forgot to inform adi. didn’t even..before she spoke he pulled her suddenly banging her on his hard chest.
Ouch you hippo. Are you made out of stone.she poke his chest.
He smile in amazement at her behavior.
Let’s get inside car.we have to go home.
He inform her staring at her angelic face.
She pushed him angrily.
Just hold your audacity ok. you hippo.you just ordering me.The Geet Handa.she glared at him.
Ok.mam.can we go home now.its late he said this time as per her order. Chuckling from inside seeing her antics.
Hmm.that’s better. But u have to inform my friends. Saying so she take her mobile to talk with them but it’s not working.
Oh shit..this battery has to be get down now only..she banded it on her hand furiously.
Ouch. .damn. .she wince in pain.
He finally let out a soft laugh making her go red in her fury.
You..You Bodyguard. Dare you laugh at me .she hold him from his shirt callers going on her heels she try to be at his level reasoning her small height with him.
You are not going to do this stupid act of yours again .do you understand. She try to lift him from his callers but he didn’t move at all but she was swinging on his collar.
He try to control his laugh seeing her antics.
God ..she is cute.he murmur.
Did you said something she quizzed her eyes asking him.
He just nodded nothing and she leaves him patting on his chest.
Good…she said walking back towards pub.
Where are you going.
To meet you friends inside.have to inform them they would  be worried for me she added knowing there care for her
Maan’s insides fume remembering both the boys.
Look just move fast . Your mother would be waiting. .
Before he complete she broke through him nonchalantly.
Nope.she would be not.must be sleeping as have to wake up early to go for her WORK.
She emphasis on the word.
Maan look at the girl before him. before sometime she was all funny in crazy mood but now had turn serious maybe little sad.
He really wonder what kind of relationship they share.
He scolded himself from inside to spoil her mood.
Look mam it’s already 2.30 am.he inform maybe she would get ready to come with him.
And she did as she just scream giving him heart attack literally.
what…what did you said it’s. .
Its 2 .30.am now he repeated again smirking hiding it from her.
Then what are you doing here standing hippo.just move fast.
OMG. ..God please save me..if mom came to know in the morning about my this late adventure then she is going to killed for sure..
But now only you said that she must be sleeping.
You hippo that what I said before,  she will be knowing my all adventure late night somehow in the morning if not now.
She is having that magic with her .she pouted .
And before he knows she was inside the car calling him to move fast.
God this girl is impossible. He thought as he move towards the car smiling at this weird girl.



  1. He make her leg cure by his magic touch… She’s feel great in dance floor…BT maan possessive n jealous …whoever touch her…he doesn’t like BT still In control..so much in mind..geet so cute…

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  2. Beautiful update… geet is really cute.. I guess both her guy friends are attracted to her and trying to have her… maan is really on roll with this cute geet

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