Part 5

Geetakshi was getting ready for her next shot with a help of her crew .once done she was ready for her shoot , but it was now fifteen minutes there was no sign of Rahul, her co actor with her next scene was schedule. She was getting frustrated as she was wearing sari for her next scene. Director finally lost his patient and shouted out for the spot boy.

What is it takes him this much time to get ready. Go and called him.

After a while both heard loud shrikes from outside, as they were inside studio. 

Both ran out at once along with other crew members. they went near the crowd outside, and loud gasps escape from both of there mouths.

OMG..director gasp horror stuck watching Rahul’s body laying sock with his blood. Geetakshi was no less, she shiver in terror, never in her life she had witness this horrible scene before, it was always fake while shooting but now it left her horror stuck.

She took her steps back slowly not believing the view before her eyes.

Her whole filled with sweat , she clutch her saree pallu tight gulping hard.

Who did this,. ?? How ..?? What happened?? She could heard all hustle bustle going there in few minutes the area covered with media people and police crew.

Her bodyguards shield her from media as they surrounded her . She was just trying to get out of there when she saw his black car stopping before her.


Maan came out with his bodyguards shielding him pushing the people aside and they make a way for him.

He looked at Geetakshi, her state make him clinch his fist, his anger raise on the media for they are making it more worse.

He storm towards her and whispered near her ears without letting anyone know about there interaction.

Come inside. And he rushed from there eyeing his bodyguards last time to tell them there duty. They nodded in recognition and help her through the crowd.

Seeing him there some unknown peace ran through her , and she ran towards him straight , as he stood up hearing her payal sound , he turn to faced her when saw her running towards him, 

Geet just ran into his arms scared to death with the happenings.

Maan was so shock to react , he had never expected this though was having clue about her condition that’s why he decided to meet her alone without anyone’s interference. 

He don’t know why he choose to do so but he couldn’t hold himself from doing so what his heart told him.it is feeling heavy now seeing her vulnerable today . He was unaware of his own feelings and why it is feeling so suddenly with her entry in his life.never before he felt a slight change of heart for anyone or never before he knew this heart even reside in him , now thudding against his rib cage having her cold body against his.

He engulf her shivering body in his arms , he sigh deeply thinking he made a right decision of meeting her alone or else there will be more headlines in tomorrow newspapers.

Once feeling his protective arms around her petite form , Geet find her gone strength getting back to her. . she felt relax , unconsciously she rubs her cheek against his half bare chest earning a groan from his throat.

That made her distance from him. She was highly embarrassed with her own weird behavior, what made her to do like that act the one she did now. Her palms were already sweaty, she clutch her sari pallu in her fist trying to control her raise heartbeats . She had her back faced to him.

Umm..sorry Mr.Khurana .she utter her apologize still with her back towards him, not knowing what more to said at this moment.

Maan was just in the heaven , some bliss when it was broken with her sudden withdrawal, he didn’t liked it. As soon as she turn her back towards him , he was spellbound with her marvelous bare back , as her clothing style was modern so was her small piece of cloth. He tried to divert his eyes ,but as soon as he done his eyes again roam back towards her view, betraying him.

he couldn’t help but stared at her continuously , after a while her half face come into his vision with few tendrils teasing her pink cheeks making him jealous , he want to kissed them bite it hard to hear her loud moans.

He shook his exotic thoughts away and heard what she have to speak.when she she spoke or mumble those soft words her soft voice itch on his heart making it more restless to have her in his arms again to hear her sweet melodious voice.

It’s alright , dream girl !! He whisper closed to her , almost his lips grazing her earlobes. Geet then realized how closed he is , he was standing behind her , when she felt his arms coming at her front on her flat stomach , pulling her closer.

Geet was hell shock with his audacity , never the less she liked it , but was unknown of the reason herself , she tried to struggle to come out thought her heart was making her weak.

She don’t know what is that is attracting her so much to him , why she is not able to pulled apart herself from him.she thought confused with her own unknown feelings as she looked into his eyes turning her face towards him.

There lips almost graze together igniting the fire into both, her hazel eyes hold his gaze which was filled with passion. It was turning dark and soon it turn towards her lips , both touch each other lips without notice .

Part 6

Both broke apart hearing footsteps coming near . Geet was so embarrassed , she turned her back to him while Maan himself was so surprised with his own act. 

Just then Director Dhanraj with few crew members comes inside bringing them both back to normal. Police commissioner followed inside behind them.

Mr.khurana. nice to have you here at this moment . 

Director D  seems much in tension with the event taken place. 

What happened exactly Dhanraj ? And How ? 

Maan asked as all took there respective seats. 

His body has been thrash brutally , Mr.khurana. our force is still checking if we get some clue.

Commissioner explain , all were hearing him silently.

There discussions goes on while Geetakshi was feeling more vulnerable , she could still able to visualize the scene. 

Excuse me !! She rushed out to get some fresh air , Maan looked at her running out and his brows twitch together. 

She seems much more upset with the fiasco. Dhanraj mutter following his gaze.

She must be Dhanraj , he was her co actor , working with her. It happens .

Commissioner replied. 

Maan was frustrated hearing them , soon meeting got over and all come outside.

Maan asked for Geet as she was no where to be found and got to know that she has already gone .

Next day Geet was in the washroom taking bath when door bell rang. 

She come out of the shower and got ready herself in long floral rob hiding her silky legs behind that long cloth.

As she descended down the stairs , her guest come into her vision.and her eyes shine in happiness finding her only friend aka assistant there.

Pinky !! Geet exclaim happily rushing towards her and both had a bear hug. 

How are you dear ? I missed you ? How is your mother ? Geet chirp happily finding her back.

Relax , Relax Mam..pinky spoke but getting her angry glares she quickly rectify herself.

I mean..Geet . 

Geet smiled back .

Servants smile at them as they were known of there special bond. It was only known to them inside four walls of her home aka Mansion. 

Pinky had gone to her home in other city for her mother was admitted in the hospital . 

Both girls went upstairs on the terrace garden to get there private time.

Maan was turning restless in his Office , he was not able to concentrate at all on his work.

He just closed the file he was reading and got up to go to his only destination he was craving all along from yesterday.

Geet sat inside the cafe waiting for Mr.khurana. she didn’t know why did she agreed for the meeting today with him.

It’s like he had asked for a date .she chuckle.he seems not like that way.then what made him to do the opposite things today for her.she wonder , just then his car stop outside and he quickly got down of it before any media hike.

She herself had come with Pinky’s car today to avoided the media.

Geet couldn’t help but gawk at him with her mouth and eye wide open to see the dazzling personality of him.

No wonder girls drools on him shamelessly. 

Her thoughts come to halt with his nearness as he took a seat in front of her.

Looking beautiful , my lady !! 

His words were amazingly sweet and sensuous making her heartbeat raise madly.

She couldn’t able to stop the pink hue touching her cheeks making her look more beautiful. 

Geet don’t know why it is so different with this man. She had been used to this compliment before as well but she had never blushed this much before that she did today. 

She had not wore any make up apart from little lip gloss and eyeliner which she loves the most making her look even more beautiful and sexy in her own words.

Maan observe her each expression keenly. He couldn’t took his eyes off her. Her blush, the way she was chewing her soft lips , it made him hard. 

Without his notice he drag his hands near her on the table and got hold of her soft fingers.

It felt wonderfully smooth, he was loosing it for sure, Maan thought and small smile tug at the corner of his lips.

Geet was taken a back with his advance , she felt his big palm taking her own palm in his clutch and she couldn’t pulled that back instead her mind warned her . She felt nice , his strong aura engulf her inside making her mind blank and heart to took over her senses.

Both there fingers mingle together in a fist , there eyes lock in a naughty eye lock.

His eyes roam over her beautiful face and stay at the end on her lips. Geet blush hard seeing his gaze and without her notice herself lick her own lips making him more arouse.

His fist tighten on her soft palm making her aware of his state. 

There silent talks broke with the disturbance of waiter .

Both yet didn’t broke there hold onto each other , it was long for hours till they took a leave from cafe.

Coming out he offered her a lift . 

Thanks mr.khurana but I can’t 

Geet, don’t make a hassle here , media can be here any moment , just get inside the car quickly. 

Geet thought for a second and got inside , and soon drive started .

Drive was silent , Geet was just watching outside not knowing what to do apart, his car having black glass windows that no one can have a look inside the car.

After a while Geet felt his hands on her lap , she turn to face him and found him so closed to her face. 

Geet gulp hard as she looked at the front to see he had already closed the partition door there between front and back seats.

She tried to called him but no voice come out of her throat , only her lips were moving that was making him go hard with desires. 


Finally without any warning he slam his lips hard on her own making her shock for a moment. 

He started to suck it hard making her mad with his move. She was blank for a moment before she realized what he was doing actually. 

She couldn’t just accept it , she tried to pushed him away , bang on his chest to leave her but then he was not ready , he bit her lips hard angrily sucking the blood out if her lips.

Geet wince slightly with her moisten eyes, but couldn’t stop herself to kissed him back. Her hands without her will pulled him closer holding his neck. 

She lay down on the seat taking him on her , both kisses each other feverishly before breaking apart for a much needed oxygen.

His eyes roam all over her face then went down on her upper bulge of open chest.

Geet tried to get up but he furiously held her down and bent down on her neck.

Umm..she moan feeling his rough lips doing wonder on her skin. She massage his back as he went down on her half open chest smooching it wildly.

She bite her lips hard not to moan out loud.

While he slip down the straps of her dress baring her upper .it was adore only with her inner cloth. 

Geet again resisted but he pulled down the strap as well taking her one mount in his mouth to cherished it.

He was hungrily sucking it , biting it making it go more hard in his mouth while his other hand was molesting her other twin.

She couldn’t hold herself more that she just moan out loudly his name .


Precap :- ??????? Evil Smile

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