Now Geet was fully conscious. She asked from Maan , How did we come here , how did you come here. Where are we now?

Maan told her everything, giving her all information. Now it was dawn. Maan took out his mobile, but it was dead, whereas Geet’s mobile has fallen long back.

I don’t know where we are right now, Geet. Or how far we are from the road. But  I am determine now to take you back home safely , it’s my responsibility , so you don’t worry. Maan spoke.

Geet was only looking at him . Her hairs, her make-up all were messed up. It was just an incarnation. She sat down and said, I am looking so dirty, aren’t I?

Maan just laughed, in this situation, she was thinking about her looks.


You laugh on my condition, she irritated pouted her lips in fake anger.

He laugh and said, let it all go, it’s nothing, nothing about that looks or beauty. First we have to go home, everything else is secondary and basically you…


Naturally you are very..

Geet raised her eyebrows and smiled faintly..


Nothing.. After you are done with taking little rest, said me, we have to move from here.

Once again, keeping sack on the back, Maan started. Till now his body had started to give pain because of taking Geet on his back and sack was in his hands. But since he was well built, he was not having any problem.

Fortunately, Geet’s bones were not broken, she was able to walk but even slower. It was so necessary to hold her hand. The road that they both walked through was not only the land, but the land was made of the hard rock and the boulders.

It might be eight o’clock in the morning. Geet sat down suddenly.

Enough, I can’t walk more, Maan . I am so tire. I am thirsty.

Maan immediately gave her a bottle of water from his med kit . She felt well by drinking a little water. Then she said, Maan , no water left for you .

Oh let it be… I have a habit, are you alright now, and we will see in the way, if we would find some waterfall, then I will drink there. If you do not able to walk anymore, sit down here for a while.

Geet shook her head and sat down on the rock resting her back. Maan also sat beside her, Geet stared at him continuously.

Maan asked, what are you looking at?

GHSP 168_4000GHSP 168_6305

Nothing.. Watching you, you are the one who saved my life. You are my savior.

Maan chuckled, to say the truth, I was bite scared to think that in which state I would find you. But my mind was telling me to try once. Your friend might be waiting for any help. And that what happened.

But Geet , after reaching home do not talk about it to Sameer.

Why? Geet asked

No, I think he will not like this knowing I am here with you. I don’t want that you both face trouble in future. Because of me your happiness..

But why do you think so much of my happiness, Maan ?


Then?, you are my sweetest friend!

Geet became silent and lost in her thoughts. Maan said, come on, let’s go, because we must reach the road as soon as possible. There are still a few sandwiches and water left. If you want to have it then eat a little bit, then we can move.

Geet .. Geet.. He called her seeing her lost.

Geet was lost but then she came back to her senses,

What happened Geet ? What are you thinking?

Nothing, just was thinking about Sameer.

Maan laugh “Oh, now you have to think about him only, he is your beloved, isn’t he?

Beloved… The one who didn’t stop for me when I was in trouble.

Geet, he is not used of it, even police have not stopped… and if it was me in his place then I too would have done the same thing.


Geet became angry hearing him, then why did not you do, Maan? I am already dead for the world, aren’t I? Why did you believed that I am alive?

First threes questions she asked looking into Maan’s eyes and last question was asked without meeting his eyes. And then she looked at him.


Maan calmly said, come on. If your rest is over, we should leave.

You did not answer my question yet,

Look Geet ..

Call me Geetu, like you used to call me in college.


Geet , you are going to be my sister in law. And regarding your questions then I have done duty of mountaineer. I have no other thoughts in my mind.

Geet became silent and started walking.

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