Maan was hell tired now, there was no sign of Geet yet. Right now there was only darkness surrounding him. Though he had a battery but darkness was more powerful than that. The wire length was now over. Upon disappointing he put the battery light down and he caught the sight of yellow cloth hanging on the tree trunk.

The enthusiasm rose again, but the wire was now over. He left the wire without thinking anything and jumped down on the lower edge. The wire was not in his reach now but he was not worried for it .

Geet.. Geet.. he called out but there was no answer.

He took that yellow cloth in his hand and realized that it’s her dupatta. Means she will be here only. He saw her below two feet. The woman laying on her face, the hairs on the face.

Without wasting more time in thinking, Maan climb down. He made a quick prayer to God and slide away her hairs from her face.


Geet .. Geet.. He put his fingers near her nose with highly beating heart with fear.. Fear of losing her.

A delicate piercing of her emission fell on his fingers. Geet was alive but she was unconscious.


Maan’s eyes moisten and lips curve in a soft smile unknown to him. He was relieve to find her finally. But next moment he was tense again knowing he had great the responsibility ahead.

What to do now? It is impossible to get the wire again. Now he was again in deep thinking. He watched on his either sides, there was only darkness surrounding them. Somewhere the dogs, wolves and crows were crying. The dead silence and scary voices were coming.

In the very deep valley he was stuck with unconscious Geet. He needed to think something fast.

He pulled out the small bottle of water from med kit and made her drink some water .there was not much chances that she could come to consciousness very soon. But water is called life, Maan gave her Life!

Then he made her sat slowly and put her on his back like sack. There was no suitability to climb up to two feet of pebbles. They were very deep in the valley. So Maan chose a straight path. Her whole weight was on his shoulders. But he had only one thought in his mind that was to save Geet

Somehow he was going ahead with great struggle. He stopped suddenly and looked at his left tilting his head he saw her face, she was breathing high in between but there was no sign of her waking up.

His gaze went towards her hands which were hanging on his shoulders, how beautiful hands! So delicate! Filled with henna! He could smell her fingers also, the aroma of henna.

Sameer is lucky! But why did he behave like that? His anger was increasing just thinking about his words.

He was lost in his thoughts when he felt small movements on his shoulders.

Geet.. He made her sat on the rock. Saw her face, there was a slight blood on her face. But her left foot was full of blood. He made her lay down and collecting some leaves laying there in there surrounding, he cleaned the blood on her face and feet. Her feet was injure, he clean that too somehow. The bone must be broken, he thought painfully. He was observing her for a while, she was moaning slowly in pain.


Sameer .. Where is Sameer ?  Maan thought , he would heard like this but as he went more closer near her shivering lips to heard her words properly he heard it all different.

Mom.. Dad.. ahh.. Maan.. wehre are you ..Please save me.. My engagement.. Maan..

My name on her mouth! Not even Sameer’s.. why?

Maan thought looking at her face closely, he was drown in his emotions now. He caressed her beautiful but blood stained face lovingly. Geet shivered a bit, Maan control his madly beating heart and asked again, Geet how do you feel now.


Geet opened her eyes slowly and Maan was in front. He asked again, how you feel. She closed her eyes again. Maan smile softly seeing her alright. But then he was gain serious thinking, whether she went into unconsciousness again. This is not medically good sign to be unconscious frequently.

But then she again opened her dizzy eyes and spoke with her half opened eyes.


Maan .. Where am I? My engagement… Am I in hospital? Am I going to die? On this Maan quickly put his palm on her mouth.


Nothing will happen to you, I am here.

He immediately pulled his hand away realizing what he was doing.

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