PART 43


I love you .


He whispered crushing her in his arms , he was damn restless not able to face her denial , he was furious on own self for not realizing her unsaid words.

I love you Baby..much more than you can imagine .

Geet again heard those words and silent tears rolled down her cheeks. How much she wished & waited for it . How much she had imagined him saying those words to her and now when he did she couldn’t able to believe it .


Do he really .

It’s felt more blissful and amazing than her own imagination .

Her eyes welled up this time furiously out of her uncontrollable happiness, making his shoulder wet.

Maan was confused, he pulled her apart only to get the shock to see her whole face tear stricken , becomes red .

Baby..he cup her one cheek but she jerk it back furiously and now had started crying loudly making Maan horrified.

Baby..listen..did I do something wrong..

But she was nowhere to stop..

I am sorry..If I hurt you..

What I am saying .I always had hurt you .

He was now again drowning in his own guilt .

When she flung her hand furiously on his cheek making him to go in a shock.


( just loves this GIF too much smiley36 )

He becomes numb for a while holding his cheek , eyes widen in horror.

This is the limit ..dammit..she punch on his bare chest hard making him wince slightly.

Do you know how much I had wait , how much you make me wait just for this small thing. 

Koi itna tadpata hai kya ?? 

She blasted pouting her lips angrily .

Maan comes back from his shock and in next moment pulled her for a soul ssearing kiss

She felt his lips madly assaulting her soft own chewing it furiously , he demanded an entry in her mouth but she was not willing to give in today.

He had torture her enough now it’s her turn.she bite his lips hard almost making it bleed , she sucks it furiously and before she knew she lost it.

Her mouth opened at its own giving him access inside , and he thrust his tongue inside going crazy with her wildness.

Both kissed each other furiously like there is no tomorrow , his hands hold her tightly , he pulled her more closer feeling her soft palms rolling on his chest .

Geet finally broke apart feeling breathless . She panted heavily keeping her head on his shoulder , he hug her dearly kissing her head .

Soft smile play on her lips , she was glowing again like a new bride with his confession . She hug him back hiding her face in a crook of his neck.



Both hand in hand , sticking closed to each other walked on the sea shore,

Maan didn’t object her either , knowing she needs it today. She needs him today more than anything or anyone.

He hold her protectively in his arms walking beside her , it seems most amazing feel in the world when she is beside him.

Geet watched other couples having there own private time alone .

She was not jealous today to see them but blushed, smiled happily feeling proud that she has her mate today with her and forever , she knew , she believes.

She place her palm on his chest where his heart was beating  rhythmically singing her name only. She looked above at his handsome face coming front of him.

Maan looked down in her almond eyes glistening with pure love for him.


She is such a angel , he thought tucking her soft tendrils of curls behind her ear.

A naughty angel .he went further in his thoughts reminding how wild and untamed she goes with her stubbornness giving him hard time.

Small smile appear on his lips making Geet to smiled back at him.

What ?? She asked holding his nape , she climb up on his foot putting her feet on his own.


Nothing , just thinking of the angel in my arms.


He spoke softly taking slow steps with his love in his arms.

Geet , her smile widen like a small child. It was true , she was child at heart, her little heart crave for this moment of love from long time.

And today when she get it , she couldn’t hold her happiness that glisten through her hazel eyes making his heart flutter in joy as well.

I will never let you go , I promise .


He said pecking her head lovingly knowing all about her cravings and yearnings.

Geet felt bless just with his gesture and words of love , she closed her eyes feeling the moment.her head rested on his chest hearing his heartbeats while he hold her protectively in his arms taking slow steps.

After a while , both sat on the rock on the sea shore facing the huge sea .

Geet sat in front of him resting her body in his arms, Maan pulled her more closer from behind almost making her sat on his lap .

Geet closed her eyes hearing the sound of the surf , taking the smell of salty water , it was making a moment more intense.

Geet suddenly felt his lips cascading down on her bare neck going more below .


She hissed feeling his demanding kisses on her soft skin.

He felt her loosening herself in his arms , he liked that , his kisses become more furious turning her skin pinkish.

He lick the area softly making her moan , Geet titled her head giving him more access , she looked at him while he stop seeing her look.

She was dazzled with his touch , looking lost , no less than beautiful glass doll.

His fingers graze her soft cheeks softly feeling her ,

You look beautiful . He whispered huskily making her cheeks warm up .

She lower her eyelashes shyly hearing his sweet words of praises, it felt more wonderful.

Maan looked at her blushing red, this was so unlike her , so lost and silent , he loved her every shade , he loved her innocent soul .

He loved her whole , his Geet .

But something is bothering her ? He thought as he cup her face dearly while she lay on his lap.

What is it ? 

What ? Geet asked confused


Kya hua, itni chup Kyun ho . ? Will not you say me ? He asked lovingly caressing her cheek.

I was..just.i..she stammer finding it difficult to share her fears with him.would he get angry or upset .?


I am scare , you will not leave me , will you ? 

Precap :- ???

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  1. Superb update

    He said ‘I love u’

    She is such a baby,the way she react to his confession,loved the way she said how can someone make wait this much for this small thing

    She is feeling scared

    Waiting for his reply

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woooooohooooooo:):):) I doing my happy dance dearie:):):)

    Not only Geet but all of us also have been waiting for this moment:):):) For his confession of love and their union:):):) Super super super happy me…Its so blissful…Ya my worry is the same as Maaneet’s….I really really hope that Geet’s mum will accept their relationship….And also tell Maan the whole truth about the past which keeps giving Geet nightmares…So that Maan could protect her as always…and also put an end to all the enemies and troubles showing Geet and her mum.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome update finally maan confessed and geet slapped him wtf re mugda tune mere maan ko maar khilwaye not fair re maaneet lost in passion both want to dominating each other maaneet finally cherishing their moment together geet is insecure that maan would leave her

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Finally maan confessed.. 😀😀😀 I’m soo happy he confessed. Hope he won’t back off now. Update was soo romantic. Loved their cute romance and shy geet. Geet is soo insecure. Hope maan’s love will change that

    Liked by 1 person

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