After two or three hours, they reached. A police van and a jeep was there at the accident place. Being in the night, the police were standing with big flash light in their hands and talking about something. Both dropped off from the bike and Maan proceeded towards the police direction.

Sameer was damn scared, he went behind with slow steps and stood behind Maan only. With great boldness he asked from the police officers, sir, what’s wrong?


Who are you?

I was the one who received your call. Is everything okay here?

Later officers asked some questions from both of them which maan answers very patiently, he was furious but control his rage knowing it’s there duty and they can get the clue.

After a while officers asked, are you relatives of this Girl?

Yes, I am her Friend and he is her would be husband. Maan answered

You, her husband, come here, do you know this car number.

As Sameer saw the number, his senses got block, eyes widen in horror, the same number.

Yes the number of Geet’s car.

Look Mr. Khurana , the car has fallen 110 feet down, before it’s look like it had skid too , there are no chances of the person to  be alive now . Needs to get the body, we will try to pull out the body till tomorrow.

Hearing his last line Sameer become cold with shock.


But maan has not loosen the hope.

Any chances, officer . ?

Look, mr. khurana it’s midnight now, we cannot able to find anything now.

Maan was furious hearing it.

It’s your duty officer.

I know Mr. khurana but we cannot able to in this dark however we tried yet we will try for you. He finally agree seeing his angry glares, people are known of his persona that couldn’t deny him or else they knew they have to face his wrath.

The police force started their work leaving both of them alone.

Cool breeze was blowing silently and maan was thinking something deep.


My dear friend and would be sister in law went away so suddenly.. What will my friend do now?

With this last thought he came to his right senses.

Sameer , you wait here, I am going to  climb down the valley , If Geet is alive , then I will get her out . Surely she must be waiting for you, wait here. Maan was about to turn around when Sameer spoke,

Geet will not survive falling 100 feet down in the valley, be practical Maan, let’s go what you will do. My Geet went away, engagement, marriages will happen someday, she will not come. Let’s go, I am feeling sleepy as well.


Sameer, what rubbish are you talking? maan was furious hearing him, he could not get what he was talking about, he knows geet is alive, his heart knew His geet is alive there, waiting for her love down there to get her out of that hell. And just how could he let her go so easily, he wondered looking at Sameer, is he his same friend?

Maan stood silent for a while and after taking a deep breath he spoke, okay Sameer, you go, take my bike.

Means what are you going to do? Sameer asked

i..i .. Maan stammer..

I will see, you go.


Okay.. You waste you waste your time here searching dead body, saying so Sameer went away taking his bike.

Maan watched the light of the bike becoming faint and soon there was dead silent, only he was standing.

He could not see anything apart from horrible trees in darkness and quietness surrounding him.

Maan looked at the left and the right and then without thinking anything, he prepared everything for rappelling and started moving down slowly, yes she’s dressed in a yellow color. Maan remembered suddenly. Means she must be looking very beautiful. She is one gorgeous woman, I too like her, those last thoughts left Maan baffled, tortured.

Do I like Geet, really ??

No.. No.. What I am thinking, she is Sameer’s would be wife, my would be sister in law. But who can control own restless heart. There was lots of wired thoughts coming in his mind but he put it at aside for now and concentrate on his mission at hands.

By holding rappelling wire firmly, he was justifying his training from years.  Stopping in mid he was trying to hear some sounds, if Geet was calling out to him.

There was no idea yet where to go and where he will find her, in which state. He was feeling like his Geet was calling him,

Maan .. please, come soon, save me.

Keeping his heart in control he kept climbing down. But till when he can able to go down, though he has/ no limits to his high hopes but rappelling wire was limited. Still he was descending without thinking anything, good or bad.

Precap :

The wire length was over now, upon disappointing he put the battery light down and he caught green yellow cloth stuck in the Tree.

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