Maan was restless waiting for her to open her eyes, his hand rested on her stomach feeling that little life inside her, his eyes moistened with the glistening love for his baby, so as for his sweetheart.


I am sorry sweetheart, I didn’t realized till now, how much I have hurt you? How much you have suffered just because of me. He whisper softly, adoring her beautiful face. She was sleeping because of weakness and the medicines effects.


It was late night that he slip beside her on the bed taking her body in his arms, he had already made arrangements  and no one can deny MSK knowing his power, on that the King as well had supported him.

Samrat and Sulkshana went back to the palace leaving the couple alone to have their privacy. There is lots of works are waiting for him now to look after at Palace.


How could you come here leaving her alone at that unknown place?

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani - Episode 14 Watch Full Episode Online (HD) for Free (1)

Rajmata blasted as soon as she saw her son entering inside the palace.

That is not unknown place, Rajmata, its hospital, our own and she needs to be there taken care by doctors, Samrat blasted back having no control on himself with situation he was in now.

Low down your voice son, you are talking with the Queen Mother right now.

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I am talking with my mother as well, Rajmata . He looked at her hurt. Sulkshana stood there silently witnessing the mother son war going on in front of her own eyes, and she couldn’t do anything,

Someone had mixed chemical in the color that was applied on her, it was necessary to rushed to hospital for her own safety, he clarify while his eye landed on the person who was behind all this. His eyes were red burning with fury, fist tighten, so as he teeth with the pure rage.

What?? Who dare to do it? Rajmata was too shock, she was about to call the servants when Samrat’s loud thunder broke through the huge Palace.


Geet was sleeping peacefully in his warmth when suddenly she started to felt restless and snap opened her eyes. she scared for a moment before it dawn on her that where she is and as she tried to get up felt a tug on her waist.


Geet . He whispered softly near her ear, sending shivers down her spine. Then all the events came crashing down on her making her cry.

Next moment Maan saw her turning around furiously and she threw herself in his arms like a baby.

Aapne hume dara hi diya tha, koi aise harkat karta hai bhala  ? You should have scold me for hiding it from you but aapne toh humari jaan hi niakal di thi, suddenly she stop feeling his palm o her lips.

She looked at him who was staring back at her lovingly.

I am all fine, sweetheart, don’t be tense. He whisper lovingly caressing her cheeks which became pink under his loving touch.

She tried to read his face, to know his reaction, is he upset on her for hiding that.

I am not. It’s your right. his words left Geet in shock , her eyes widen  so was her mouth half opened making her looked adorable, he chuckle before taking her partially opened lips in his mouth .


Geet was startle, sweetly surprised none the less she loved it, she pulled herself closer in his arms giving him access in her mouth, he kissed her deeply and lovingly falling in love with his sweet lady all over again more deeply.

You have all rights on me, whether to punished me or hide things from me, he whisper broking the kiss, he lick her moisten lips lovingly making her quiver for more.

But… I am… She tried asked for forgiveness even it’s not her fault,

Shuu… he silence her again putting his forefinger on her swollen lips.


Let me speak today, will you? He asked like a gentlemen making her heart thudded badly behind ribcage. She was amazed with this old shade of care and love which he is showering on her.

She nodded silently lost in his charisma all over again. Loving this to the core, she wanted to loose herself again in him, in his arms, his love and care.

You didn’t punished me, sweetheart, she looked surprise hearing him while he continued

But you bless me with the beautiful gift that couldn’t be replace with any precious things in this world.

His words left her speechless, her hands patted her tummy feeling their unborn child

I am sorry, for a moment I forgot you baby, silent tears rolled down her cheeks.

He put his palm on her hand which was on her tummy. Mumma is not at fault baby, but your dad had given her lot of pain, for that will you forgive your father?

Geet shook her head at him listening him, she kept her head on his chest wrapping her hands around his waist, Maan hug her back lovingly patting her head.


Geet .. I am sorry.. He whisper on her head when she pulled out of his arms angrily, pouting her lips she looked at him,

Bas kijiye , Hume yeh sorry wagera kuch nahi chahiye, hume bas aap chahiye aur appka pyar aur kuch nahi. She hold his collars in her fist and complain him cutely.

Maan adore her innocence wipe her tears that were about to fall from her eyes.

He hold her lovingly and said again. Still Geet I made you more suffered in those days when you were already trouble.

Humne kaha na , Maan , hum bas ab thak chuke hai, in sab cheezo se. humne aapko maaf akr diya hai kabka. I was not able to accept this fact before your accident happened, her voice chock as she looked at his wound again caressing it ,

Hume usi waqt ehsaas hua hum aur aap se dur nahi rah sakte,

She peck his head again making him closed his eyes to feel that blissful moment.


Is it paining still? She asked eyeing the bandage.

It’s not, sweetheart, but your tears gives me enormous pain, I can’t see you sad, please don’t cry, you are already weak. He spoke softly wiping her tears yet again.

Hum nahi ro rahe par aap hume humesha rulate hai . She complained punching on his chest softly pouting her lips in anger.

Maan chuckle to see her innocence, he couldn’t stop loving his angel who had only brought happiness in his meaningless life despite his given pain to her.

I will not henceforth. I promise. He pulled her closer and seal her lips in soul searing kiss leaving her breathless.

Geet was all red in shyness, she clutch his shirt hard in her fist and buried her face in his chest hiding from him.


His hands went inside her kurti, and started to caress her bare skin.

Maan.. She moan softly giving him courage to go further, his hands went upward towards her b***** and he cup it making her writhe under him. He turn her back on the bed softly and opened her buttons softly, all the while eyeing her beautiful face, which was glowing more today with his love.


Geet had her eyes closed feeling shy, she felt his fingers going inside her shirt teasing her soft skin underneath it.

Maan,, she was restless wanting him to go further , he buried his face in the crook of her neck and shower umpteenth wet kisses on her bare skin with so much love pouring out through his each kiss.

She hold him closed, while pulled down shirt  baring her shoulders, he gave one bite there out of his burning passion, he was hard ,just wanted her right now but knows he can’t, when she is already weak.

As the shirt rolled down more it bare her grown up b***** , making his desires higher, he took one in his mouth and press other one in is palm slightly not giving her any pain, he was soft, cherishing her body lovingly while Geet was in pure bliss feeling him after a while now.

She pulled him more closed rubbing his scalp madly, her face was flush, her breaths became high feeling his soft assaults on her chest.

He loved her other twin as well and went upward kissing her each corner of her beautiful body lovingly.

Geet was all together in a different  world loving this moment when she felt the cloth covering her body, she slowly opened her dizzy eyes and looked at him to see him making her wear her cloths, she blushed crimson red feeling him lifting her body a little , her fingers tremble as she tried to button up her kurti .

Maan smirk seeing her state, his fingers entangle with her soft own on her shirt buttons and she pulled out her hand from his clutch shyly.

Maan was loving her shyness , he made her lay down comfortably , her gaze didn’t left his face, she was loving his care and love yet again just like there beginning days.

Maan softly kiss her tummy lifting her kurti daddy loves you baby.


He whisper sending chills down her spine with his hot breaths,

Maan. She moan softly taking his attention.

Love you too sweetheart. He slept besides her wrapping hi arms around her body protectively, he peck her lips making her smile happily, and she does off in his arms in no time.



5 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 68

  1. I’m so glad that I logged onto IF now to see this update

    Chapter was Amazingly Fabulous

    Maan now with Geet and truly realizes just how much of pain and suffering she went through
    been alone and pregnant he does not feel angry at her for hiding her pregnancy
    because he also knows that it took her a long time to trust him again
    but he feels saddened that she is weak all because of him
    Geet awakes later at night to find herself in Maan’s arms and now she also tells him she is tired
    been angry she has already forgiven him as Geet wants to start a fresh but Maan is filled with guilt
    that he had made his Sweetheart suffer in pain

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