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Maan kept looking at her worried face and he was lost, lost in the new world never before, never before he felt something like this, something for any girl. In His past career he came face to face with many girls not with someone like Geetakshi. He concluded.

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Her worried face gave him some peace in his otherwise burning heart, to know that she is worried for him. Small smile tug at his lips. It was so new and blissful for him. Why there was that strong pull of attraction towards this dream girl that he never before felt for anyone. He was going crazy day by day for her from the first time he met her. He was not like that. MSK was never like this before.

Take care Maan. Her soft voice brought him back from his thoughts, he looked at her face and asked out of nowhere.



Yeh kaisa sawal hai, she was baffled hearing him

Why should I? he asked again lost in her wanted to know if she was going mad just like him , is she is also facing this same craziness of heart just like him.

You should maan she was turning hyper now, first of all his wound, she didn’t like it , she can’t see him in pain, don’t know why her heart was so restless at that moment to hear his wired questions, why can’t he take care of himself.

That is what I am asking darling, why should I? He raise his voice a little.

You should for me, she was so restless,


she clutch her sari pallu hard in her small fist almost tearing that with her nails.

For you? Where do you come in between me and my wound, it’s my worry, not yours . He taunted angrily for he had not yet get his answers from her.

Geet gulp hard , she was feeling that urge to cried out loudly , shout at him but she gulp it and turn to rush out taking her handbag.

Where you are going without answering me, he mutter furiously, holding her wrist tight from behind and she lost it finally.

She turn furiously in his arms, her eyes shining with madness, what do you want to know hmm ? What?  She threw the handbag angrily and hold his collars in a fist, surprising him.

Want to know ? , why did I pulled Rohit when the real scene has ended, hm.mm. ?

She whisper on his face with her rage breaths as she was herself going mad with this strong attraction with MSK that couldn’t able to control herself.

Maan turn furious hearing it, he jerk her more closer almost touching her shivering petals.


Yes, I want to know. He mutter furiously, his eyes spitting fire as his hold tighten on her bare waist leaving his finger prints their on her soft skin.

Then listen… She spitted pushing him away angrily. It was you on my mind. It was you whom I saw in his face, it was you, I thought is their holding me. She blabber out the truth shocking him, he was astonished with her confession.

Soon naughty smirk appear on his M shape lips making Geet aware of the situation, that what just happened or what the blunder she done, in her restless mind.

God… What I done. She pushed back her hairs in frustration holding her head in both palms. It was not needed to happen but it took place. She looked at him bewilder as if she done some big crime letting her feelings out like this that too before him.

She was not like that, she never lost control on herself nor her feelings, then why today, oh God… why… and how.

Her thought process halted when she felt tug on her waist and soon found herself caged in his strong arms.

Geet looked at him hurt, confused, there was hidden pain in her beautiful hazel eyes.

Relax, darling.. There is no need to be scare, you didn’t do any crime he spoke out softly as if understanding her unsaid feelings.


Geet looked surprised hearing him as he spoke out her hidden confusion. Maan was on the cloud nine hearing her, his all insecurities flied out making his heart at peace.

He softly tug her few tendrils of hairs behind her ear, while his one hand hold her protectively in his arms.

Geet was dazzle with all things going around her, she closed her eyes feeling his touch, and unconsciously she tilted her face more onto his palm making him happier with her reaction.

He bent down his face and left a misty kiss on her cheek making her shiver with it, she slowly opened her eyes and looked into his chocolate orbs to see there was same fire burning inside just like hers.

Both of their face comes closer, and he took her shivering lips in his own sucking it like some sweet candy. Geet lost herself in his magic and pulled him closer to herself holding his nape.

She respond back more sensuously clutching his collars in her fist. Maan was going mad with her amazing response, he stick to her closer to his body joining there each body parts to each other on perfect places, making her aware of his condition.

Geet blushed crimson red and tried to pulled herself away but he jerk her closer not ready to leave her soft lips, they were like a drug, not just her lips but she herself is becoming like some kind of drug to him. He was getting addictive towards her madly and crazily.

After a while he left her lips and furiously shower wet and hard kisses on her neck line pulling her head backward holding her hairs in a fist.

Maan.. She moan in pleasure and pain, she was shock with his craziness which he was showing now. She wanted to stop him for her it was not right, her hands tried to push on him but he was not ready making her helpless.

Plz stop. She whisper though lost in him like he was not ready to listen to her. Her sari duppata was already on the floor, she hiss in sweet pain feeling his teeth nipping her soft flesh of her half opened cleavage.

Maan..  She was moaning continuously and maan was getting mad, it was provoking him. He open the knot of her blouse and that was on the floor soon making geet snap opened her eyes, she looked at him to see he was lost in her. His eyes landed on her chest and geet blushed hard seeing it. She tried to cover herself but he hold her wrist on her back with his one hand while his lips shower wet kisses on her half bare chest.


Maan.. plz.. Stop.. She pleaded for it was going unbearable for her too now.

Plz.. She again pleaded struggling in his hold now. He stop finally not liking it although.

His hands roam on her whole body making her wobble on her place she clutch him hard for the support which she is losing now with his sensuous touches on her every private part.

His passionate gaze made  her to down cast her own lashes, he watched her vulnerable condition., which he don’t like , he softly made her wear her blouse making her more red with shy ness, she sweetly close her eyes in submission for she was loving his care now.

She stood like a doll watching him without blink while he wrap the sari on her body just watching her back. There was eye lock between them which broke with the ringing of her phone. She hurriedly took it and was going to answer when he hold her wrist nodding her in no.

Plz. She make a puppy face for which he melted and allowed her. she answer the call, it was pinky who was worried for her not finding her at home as it was late  also pinky knew her all schedules, she knew her shooting has been wrap long back, then what is taking her this much long. She can’t go to her own home without making sure of her safety.

Geet asked her to go to her own home, she will be fine and soon will be back to her home.

While she was talking he pulled her in his arms, his hands started to do their work of teasing her. He rolled down his hands from her neck to her cleavage making her breath hitch I her throat.

Hello. Geet. You ok ? pinky asked from the other side sensing something is wrong.

I am.. am.. alright pinky. . you go home dear.. It’s already late..Geet glared at him while he only give her his devilish smirk and his hands went down on her bare waist pressing it more tightly.

But geet you.. pinky tried but hearing her denial she can’t press further knowing her well, she do not like it . pinky half heartily kept down the phone and wonder for her weird behavior recently.

Leave me.. Mr. khurana.. it’s quite late now. Geet steal her glances from him and tried to pulled out but he jerk her closer in his arms this time more passionately that she couldn’t  resist this burning passion now.

She looked at him and he looked back at her into her big hazel eyes drowning in them,


Come with me .. He whisper softly playing with her breast underneath her sari with his long fingers, while Geet was left shock hearing him.

To be continue…

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17 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 9

  1. Nice part.maan want to know is geet also feel the same for him he is feel for her.geeyt confess why she behave like this in shoot becase shr imagene him.after maan lost in her and she try to stop him.maan tell her come with him and she get shocked.

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  2. Superb update dearie:):):) Maan is so naughty the way he cornered Geet to such a situation where she confessed her feelings:):):) Now I am waiting for his confession…A full fledged one from both of them…So excited and looking forward to it:):):)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Superb update

        He make her to give answers to his question,and she accept that she imagine him in the scene and he is already at peace knowing she is worried for him and now her confession also

        Waiting for next

        Liked by 1 person

  3. thanks for the pm!

    Part 9

    brilliant update. well written!

    Geet confessed that she thinking of Maan while exnatcing the scene!

    Fab passionate moments!

    Maan wants Geet to go with him!

    update soon

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hot update
    Finally geet reveal why dod she pulled rohit afer ending scene ? Maan was mad after hearing the geets peel ng . He understand that the attraction he was feeing towards her is not only him but also geet too feeling same.
    I like maaneet moments.
    Lets see what will happened next.
    Eagerly waiting for update.
    take care

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Intriguing Chapter

    Geet in her restlessness confessed her feelings to Maan letting him know
    that he should take care of himself because she needs him well and safe too
    Maan on the other hand was restless and furious too when Geet again spoke about her scene with Rohit but she tells Maan she had seen his face in Rohit making Maan now appreciate the fact that she too feels the same like him .
    he wasted no time in making her feel his passion while Geet though feels shy and she also cannot take that much passion but Maan he seems like he is just not attracted to Geet but in some way he is falling for her too
    now he wants her to come with him and she seems shocked
    waiting to see what will happen next

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for the pm. Great part. I have a very strong feeling that geet’s ashiq is non other than maan. Because the madness and passion he has for her and then his actions says it all. Geet wanted maan to take care of himself as she can’t see him hurt whereas maan wanted to know that does she have the same feelings for him as he as for her and when he asked her, in her restlessness geet told him the truth and that made him very happy and even more demanding towards geet, which scared geet somewhere even though she loved every bit of his attention and passion. Now maan wants her to come with him leaving geet shocked. Eagerly waiting to know what will happen next and how will these two deal with their raw feelings and pull towards each other. Continue soon. My india forums id is ns.1

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