Part 1

Sameer’s beloved Geet , Sameer and Maan were closed friends . Even from the first years of college friendship of three friends and Sameer geet’s love were popular … Maan would do anything for both of them.  He would solved their love or fights between both. Geet was special for him. He loves to pampered her .he would be always ready to do anything for Sameer and  Geet’s happiness.


Where were you Maan ? You were not seen there in lecture . Asked Sameer.

Oh, we had a meeting with trekking people, Sir was also there. Maan replied 

Then when are you going again on your tracking ? , Asked Geet 

Very soon..he wink at her , anyways, there was nothing much important happened in lecture na ? Maan asked in slow voice.

Nothing.there is nothing more important than your tracking , Maan.


Geet taunted 

Why don’t you both also join me in tracking this time. Maan suddenly asked

No.. I wouldn’t able to , I have phobia of heights.

I will managed to go but at the time of coming back , how is that possible to climb down.she was terrified just with the thought , she looked hopefully at Sameer.


No.dont take her with you , she will only cause trouble , Sameer tease only to get angry glares from Geet. Before she burst on him , Maan interrupted .


Sameer , we will do one thing , I will guide you both down .what say .

Maan you should go alone , it will be alright Geet spoke and Maan chuckle seeing her cute face.

Will go ..

Next morning Maan got the call from Sameer asking him to go safely 

Don’t worry , why are you getting worried ? Maan replied 

This message is told by your would be bhabhi. Sameer told him , Geet was getting worried for him .

Then told her to do not worry , please.

Maan, I made a call to tell you same thing. Kunal’s voice was soft this time .

Thank you , Sameer . Maan laugh.


Maan was happy today , with the piece of news he got to heard today. It was about sameer and Geet’s engagement which is going to take place very soon. But Maan was angry on his friend ,  such special occasion and he inform him just two days before. Engagement was going to happen in Delhi where Sameer lives but Marriage is going to take place in Mumbai, from Geet was. but both of them will stay in Mumbai … because both of their jobs were there. Maan was going to look after their accommodation , new rented house for their new life ahead after wedding . Sameer was happy, Maan could feel that with his excited voice on the phone .

Both were busy in arrangements of engagement when Sameer’s Phone rang and next moment everything as if shatter. he was unable to move form hi s place stood numb with no emotions on his face. 

Maan called him few times but getting no response he went closer to him to see him standing blank , he looked at the phone in his hands and take it answering the call.okay .. 

Hello ? who is it ? inspector ?? yes .where did you say.. okay.. please send me the location …okay.. thank you , Maan was almost collapsing , but he managed himself knowing he is the bow to handle the situation. 


His Geet met with the accident and she needs him now, sameer needs him now. thinking so he turn toward the door only to find her parents standing there and Rano rush inside the Mansion crying badly.

mom . you calm down please. 

Maan..meri bachchi. she cried holding onto him. I had warned her not to go alone but when did she listen to us, stubborn girl . Mr. Handa said from behind controlling his emotions, he was on the verge of breaking down as well, but He Is the man that cant sow his emotions instead he hide that behind is fake anger on his daughter. 

Maan comes near Sameer, who was looking so clam as never before ,Sameer hold on , she needs us now, lets go with me . 

no i will not come, i will not able to see her in that condition.


Sameer was quick to reply.

bass kar yaar, nothing has happened, she will be alright. she would be little injure nothing more, Maan tried to control the urge of shouting at his best buddy, how can he think of something big happen with her , his geet, their Geet . 

You come with me, lets go, she needs you, Sameer . Maan again tried keeping his calm.

NO.. NO.. sameeer infuriated with his constant nagging, what is this mess now ?he shouted in fury.                     .

Maan glared t him furiously for his behavior when Geet needs them now, Sameer calm down himself and said ,okay.. let’s go. 

both left for their destination on Maan’s Bike , don’t know why but Maan had taken his all trekking kits, as they had to go to the hill area, in the outskirt of Delhi.        



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