Part 67


Geet sat beside him holding his hand in her own. Doctor asked her to took rest knowing her condition but she was nowhere to listen. Geet was hell tired, feeling slight pain in her stomach but she ignore it just like the little life breathing inside her .

At that moment the only person matter to  her was her maan , there moments ran before her eyes making her love which  he hold for this man to surface again, right that moment she realized ,that what sulkshana was trying to say was all right, she couldn’t hold the grudges more when he was repenting and trying to make amends .

She should be rejoicing now with the thought that he do love her now, he harbor the same feelings as her infact more powerfully that he came back to get her. Bear her anger and tried to sooth her pain.


her eyes well up seeing his bandage which have blood stains, she was on the verge of fainting  seeing his condition once entering the room but she hold herself just for him for now he needs her the most.

At that time she had realized, how much she needs him, she had realized the true worth of him in her otherwise lonely life. Yes, it was lonely, he was the one who comes to her bringing new life along with her. He was the one who gave her new life when she was going to die, in the form of their baby.

Sulkshana’s words bang inside her head supporting her each thoughts.

she couldn’t be upset on him, if something have happens to him , then she will surely die. her hands tremble as she cup his face tenderly with all love pouring out of her and bent down to leave a soft kiss on his forehead.


Maan as if recognizing her touch, wince slightly and opened his eyes slowly.

Her heartbeats stop, so as her breath each in her throat just waiting for him to opened his eyes and see what condition she is now just with his small accident. That what impact he hold on her.


Geet… he whisper seeing her worn out state, she  was crying badly, started sobbing loudly once hearing her name from her beloved’s mouth

Nurse who had just entered inside to check on the process of health of patient, ran out immediately to call the doctor.

Geet felt her life coming back, she threw herself on him hugging him like teddy bear and cried her heart out, from months she was holding into her, from the time he left her kicking her love, finally comes out wailing through her nonstop tears.


Her body shook violently as she let it all go, her fears, tension, anger on him, her all grudges with him or anyone or anything. She let it all go through her loud cries.

Maan called her to stop her from crying but she was in her own world, on the door Samrat was about to go to her for he couldn’t see her crying , it was first time he saw her crying this much, but sulkshsan hold him back for she knew geet needs to let it all out of her.

Maan looked at the entrance and found both of them standing,  doctor as well comes inside with nurse.

Geet. He again called her but there was again no response but this time she was laying still as if sleeping in his arms, her cries were stop.

Maan worriedly looked at her face tilting her head little bite, and he was left scared seeing her close eyes.

He again called her patting her cheeks but she had fainted in his arms. Doctor rushed forward and with the help of nurse pulled her up from maan.

Samrat rushed forward and took her in unconscious body in his arms taking her out as they followed doctor outside towards another ward.

Maan stood up to go pulling out the saline from his arm, when nurse tried to stop him

Sir, plz lay down you are not in a condition now. You needs rest.

Hell with a condition, I am very much fit, maan blasted at her furiously hearing her words, his sweetheart needs him now and she is stopping him.

No one dare to stop MSK. He glared at her with his furious eyes that left her tremble and she ran out to inform the doctor once after he exited the ward.

How is she ? what happened to her. Is baby fine ?


He asked all questions at one of time as soon as he entered her ward.

Mr. khurana , why did you come here , you still needs to .. Doctor was surprise on finding him patient here in this state, least he know his crazy love for his would be .

I don’t need any damn thing right now except my wife and baby to be fit and fine or else . He left his words lingering threatening the doctor furiously.

But his words left both Samrat and Sulkshana in shock, he is already calling her as his wife. It was for good that doctors there were unaware of the queen, or else his reputation was at risk, so of his queen’s.


Maan was not much injured, just his head was having little injury because of his carelessness at the time of driving, but they have given him sedatives to took rest.

All three come outside to let the doctors to do to check up, once outside sulkshana blasted on Maan.

You didn’t need to do that fiasco of calling her as your wife, it was harmful for samrat’s reputation.

She pointed her finger at him, making him furious as well.

Dare you raise your finger at me again, I will forget you are the woman.


His tone was dangerously low glaring her furiously , if it could be other woman then she had been scared to death by now with his anger but Sulkshna was not the one, was courageous princess, though wince a little his fury but she was good at hiding it . Her love for samrat was so powerful and possessive that she couldn’t bear the thought even that what was going to happened .

Sulkshana behave, he is our guest and there is no fault of his,

Image result for siddhant karnick ek tha raja

Samrat scold her for her audacity.

She is mine, don’t forget that, I am the father of her child. Maan furiously stated glaring her.

Oh now you get it that she is yours and the baby in her womb. sulaskshna was sarcastic as she couldn’t stop this time showing her anger for him ,

Image result for ranaji gayatri ek tha raja ek thi rani

the way he had behave with her earlier , she couldn’t take it being the woman, though her possessiveness for samrat always comes in a middle of her all rational thoughts but today she could really feel the pain of geet .

Better, you stop your woman right now or else I don’t know what I will do. Maan warned turning towards samrat for it was going over his head now, he held his head as it’s started to pain slightly.

Sulskshan , its enough,, he is already injure. Samrat tried to stop her with his hiss voice pulling her closer. He knew maan was at fault, but first mistake was done by him only that he couldn’t dare to raise his fingers at others.

Its his own fault Samrat , that he is in this situation now. Sulkshan blasted again without caring for anything.

Maan stood aghast with the woman’s audacity, but her last sentence did make him drown in his guilt again.

Just then doctor comes outside, and all three rushed towards her.

I would like to check her previous reports, king, she is in fragile condition right now.

Her words left all three scared to death, it was more painful for maan as till now he was unknown of his own unborn baby and her health.

I will arrange for them early morning, samrat reply, how is she now, he asked further.

As I said, her condition is fragile right now. She needs to be look after well, so as baby.

How could you guys neglect her health in this condition of hers. She needs to be healthy but here she is looking so pale and weightless.

Doctor go on and on with describing her condition, giving all instructions to them who stood listening her silently .

Precap : maneet moments.

15 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 67

  1. Superb update.maan met with accident and geet get scared to much and cry alot emaan try to make her understood she got unconcious.her condition get critical.every one get scared for geet and baby.

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  2. Superb update 😍😍😍
    Finally geet realizing her follys and even maan too.
    It takes really hard to recognize your loved ones who truly love you.
    Now since they’ve got it.
    Hoping they won’t leave each other. 🥰❤
    Precap looks awesome as its gonna be Maaneet one.
    Eagerly awaiting for the next update ❤
    If id- almin25

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  3. Part 67

    splendid update, nicley written!

    can ubdersyand Geet;s tension! great that Maan is fine!

    Maanet reunited!

    Maan’s concern for Geet is reasonbale! liked when he called her his wife!

    liked how Maan handled Sulokshana!

    Samrat was right to stop Sulokshana!

    oh no Geet is unwell


  4. Super awesome update my dear:):):) I am glad that Geet is letting go of all that has happened with her & Maan…and is letting all the hurt, pain & anger out of her….She needs to get it out…So that they can now move on positively forward with so much happiness…They need to be careful as Geet needs to be taken wonderful care of plus their baby…

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  5. Nice part. Thank god maan is fine and Geet realized that she cannot live without maan and even sulakshna’s conversation helped her clear her mind. Maan realizes that how much he has hurt geet in the past but now he wants to be with her and their baby forever. Geet faints in maan’s arms and the doctor scolds samart and tells him that she had already told them that she is very weak and fragile and needs proper nourishment and care, to be able to nourish her baby too. Hope now maan will take good care of geet and his baby as he has already declared her his wife in front of the doctor. Waiting for more. My india forums id is ns.1 I tried to post my comment there also but there is some issue again with the website. So please bare for sometime as I don’t receive pms also sometimes.

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    1. thank you
      it’s alright , you can post comment here , i had already said in note , you guys can post comments wherever you want or prefer. no worries.


  6. Interesting Chapter

    It seems like Maan had met with an accident as I did not read part 66
    Geet is there at the hospital and now she realizes that its only Maan that matter to her
    she can let go of all the hurt and pain the anger and the grudges because all that truly matters
    is Maan and their baby
    I liked that Maan referred to Geet as his wife it shows now that he has earned respect for Geet
    and now she too knows that he loves her immensely
    Sulksha was angry at Maan as she didn’t want Samrat’s reputation getting ruined but Maan all he cares about now is only Geet and their baby
    doctor tells them just how weak and fragile Geet is hopefully now Maan will pour happiness into her life

    NB: been Ramadaan I’m not actively on IF
    please still send me PM’s I will respond however a few days late

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