Sir..are you alright ?? His men ran forward towards him as soon as they saw both Geet and Aditya out if there sight.


Maan shouted furiously for he has to calm down yet .

And they all ran away giving him space.

What was that?? You hide it from me . Aditya was so upset though he was before ok with her hiding her boyfriend identify but getting to know this new fact today he was upset .

I had already asked you not to asked me anything on that , you seem agree to this as well.

But he is not of our status. Aditya spill his worry.

Don’t you dare.geet was so angry on him for bringing that topic.she pointed her finger on his face glaring him furiously.

I said the truth, he is your bodyguard Geet.

Then what ?? He is a human being and I loved him.her voice turn horse as she tried to control her tears.

Look Geet , I know and understand this , you know and you accept this and him but will your mom ?

Aditya hold her shoulders trying to make her understand his point of view.

Geet , her eyes widen in horror , as she had never thought before on this. Her mumma.

But she will agree for her happiness, won’t she ?

Small smile came on her lips thinking so.

She will adi , for me .

Still Geet. Aditya was yet unsure.

And by the way Geet, He don’t love you , do he ?

Aditya’s question make Geet snap out of her lost state.

He do ?? I don’t know ? Geet looked confused as she repeated his question to herself .

I think he does Geet, his words left her shock , she looked at him with her widen eyes.

How ? How can you tell this ?

Because I saw how madly he was kissing you as if he got his life back .

Geet blushed red hearing him , Aditya smile amazed to see her sweet blush.he was Happy for his friend.

But then why did he do that ? Geet turn sad reminding about the incident .

I am also angry on him for that , but might be he is restraining himself .

Geet looked confused.

He is Bodyguard after all , thinking about his duties and boundaries he is trying to stay away from you.

Aditya spoke as if reading his unsaid thoughts , trying to analyse from Maan’s side.

Geet was now shock , surprised hearing him , is that so ?

I think so Geet, you just need to look from his POV. Yet I am unsure , only he can tell the truth now. Do he really loves you and if he do then why he is resisting .

But how ?

Geet was back to her friends , as soon they got to know about her missing, they make a round around her asking her.

Babe . I am so sorry, and didn’t..

Niks asked sorry from her feeling bad for not noticing her absent before but Geet stop her.

It’s ok niks, I am all fine now .

Let’s forget it guys. Let’s go do some fun .Geet shouted and she took ball from niks hands as she was holding it , she ran out of the group running out of the water.

Maan watched as she was busy enjoying herself with her friends. Unknown of the piercing gazes on her wet body.

Geet didn’t trouble to changed into other dress. Her frock was gone up sticking to her body making prominent her femininity.

Maan , his fist tighten seeing her jumping in the water without caring about her cloths. Actually it’s normal for her to be like this in the beach but Maan couldn’t bear to see it.

He was going to interval that’s why rich saw him and asked him to join them for the volleyball as he had saw him looking at there team.

Maan happily agree though his whole attention was on Geet who fumed to see him there.

After few minutes Geet just realized that all girls were drooling on him including her friends .

She looked up to see him half bare as he was not wearing shirt .as he jump and caught the ball, his muscles flex , his muscular body was taking everyone’s attention including Geet .

She stop dead only gaping at him but soon come to reality as ball hit her hard on her head making her stumble back few steps.

She balance herself hearing laughter of her friends and fume to extreme just then saw his victory smirk.

Excusing herself she dash out from there muttering few curses for him.

He smiled at her childish acts and followed her behind silently not giving other any clue but Aditya watched it , though he was ready to stop him but stop himself .

Kya samazta hai khudko.. Apne body ka show Bana Raha hai..don’t he know it’s only mine right .

She was cursing him walking aimlessly that dash onto one guy .

Hey .. careful girl..

She heard and looked up to see one handsome boy holding her .

Sorry. muttering so she tried to come out of his grip but he tighten his grip instead preventing he from going.

Leave me .. she glared him furiously and directly punch on his face hard that the boy wince in pain and left her.

Geet rushed from there being so upset , Maan who was following her watched the scene, he was late in reaching there till then Geet had hit the boy and ran away again.

He was furious on the boy’s guts to touch her , but he had to catch her now ,so he let go him for now.

Finally he caught her hold once she reach secluded area.

Let go of me , what are you doing ?

She tried to Wriggle hard in his hold, he pulled her more closer as much as she tried to get away.

Baby..listen.. he tried but she was no where to stop or listen .

No..let me go..she bang on his chest hard wriggling like a small child.

Baby.. I am sorry..I am sorry ..Baby.. she stop hearing his sweet whispers and looked at him wide eye.

I am so sorry baby , for that rude behavior . I shouldn’t have slap you. He was really guilty , his eyes show that , he caressed her cheek where he had slap her before and press his lips there shocking her further.

I was so frustrated that time , that I couldn’t able to saved you early , they dare to touch you , and you only provoke me that time that I ended up doing that sin.

He clarify cupping her face and again kissed her both cheeks this time making her heart flutter in great joy.

Do you forgive me ? He asked unsure seeing her dazzle , standing silent.

Precap :-

Will she accept his sorry ?

His confession .

Her reaction .



  1. Part 40 : Superb update. I am happy that Adi recognised Maan’s love for Geet & was trying to put forward Maan’s point of view & reasons for staying away from Geet. Geet realised that yes there is truth in what Adi was logically thinking and reasoning…especially her mum’s acceptance of the relationship, social status etc…So I am glad that Adi & Geet are closer to understanding Maan and his reasons.

    I loved the jealous Geet, muttering & fuming walking away…And Maan following his baby:):):) I so loved the way he apologized to her…and was asking forgiveness. Loved it so much:):):)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww..as always loved it.. Awesome cute update. I loved adi and geet confrontation. Ad’s worry is right on its place. Maan is just her bodyguard and is not of their status. So it’s definitely going to raise some eyebrows. But it’s not like we fall in love seeing status. At last it is good that adi is supporting her. Loved possessive maan and geet. Finally maan told her y he hit her. Good

    Liked by 1 person

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