Do you forgive me? He asked unsure seeing her dazzle, standing silent.


Geet was just gaping his face hearing his sweet words. His words throb in her heart making her aware of his feelings. Do he really hold love for her like Adi said her?

I was so frustrated that time, that I couldn’t   able to save you early. They dared to touch you.

Her heart swell with pride but then again he had done a mistake of raising his hand on her . she pouted in anger turning  from him suddenly.

Baby. He called her from behind but she started to walked forward without listening his pleads.

Geet .. i am sorry .

She wanted to scream back at him , scold him, shouted on him for his foolishness for hiding his feelings form her but she kept her mum torturing him to no extent .

Not so easily Bodyguard  , she smirk naughtily hiding it from him she glared at him and turn again to walked forward furiously.

Mere bare main kya hai sochti

Dushman na samz kar le dosti

What do you think about me

Don’t think I’m your enemy befriend me


He caught her wrist as they near to the crowd on the beach.

Leave me. What are you doing ? she glared at his advance furiously  and struggle hard. He took her in his arms and make his way to changing room there for he couldn’t just make her stand in that crowd half bare.

His hold tighten on her bare legs stopping her attempts, she hypnotized with his raw touch hold his nape tightly. both got lost in each other, staring each other continuously .

Soon enough his eyes caught the sight of her moving lips and before she could scream out for help he slam his lips on her shutting her along with that shocking her.

Geet , her eyes pop out feeling his raw lips devouring her as he started to kissed her madly for he couldn’t  hold himself.

Geet was bewitch with his raw kiss, she started to response back . both kissed each other passionately sucking and biting each other’s lips furiously.

When the kiss was broken, geet realized he had finally managed to bring her to changing room. There was no one ,it was secluded.

Geet pushed him hard as soon as he put her down. Changed your cloths fast , you will catch cold. He demanded


Are you out of your mind ? why would I obey you , by the way geet fumed at his audacity , the way he was showing his authority on her.


Because . you… he couldn’t complete turning his eyes from her face drown in his own guilt.

Geet amused looked at him drowning in his own guilt. She turn more furious , For he can’t just confessed his feelings and drowning in his own guilt.

Hold on.. she blasted  and he turn to face her,  what are you going to say, It was only attraction not love. That what you told me , don’t you Mr. Bodyguard.

Her words slice his heart brutally , his own words slap across his face hard.

Geet .. I don’t mean.. he try to explain though taking steps towards her but she show her palm to him stopping him.

Don’t ever try to come near me , stay in your place. It was only attraction, wasn’t it ?

He became furious and jerk her in his arms hearing her.


It was not . he whisper dangerously on her face. Geet shivered in his arms ,  she was at instant drown in his charisma . her anger flew away , she hold him closed with her palm grazing his shoulders.

Maan took a long breath feeling her soft lips on his bare torso. He hold her hairs softly and jerk her face to his level. Her eyes were turning droopy lost in him.

He chuckle admiring her innocence he peck her lips softly, lick them,

maannn… She moan out feeling tingling sensation in her core.

She snuggle in his arms, making him groan with the burning passion in between both.


He suck her lips hard before sticking his tongue in her sweet mouth , his palm press her hips holding her up to his level and he kissed her madly again.


His hands graze all over her wet body feeling her softness. She moan in his hot mouth  . he pulled out her dress slowly without her notice, geet realized just when cold Breeze touch her bare skin. She gasp breaking form him , she was fluster non the less she threw daggers on him.


He pulled her more  closer grasping her bare waist, she was standing in his arms now just half nake feeling mushy she couldn’t be angry on him either.

What have you done. She whisper lowering her head. Hiding herself in his wild body.

Maan was totally smitten by her right now seeing her hiding her  self in him like a small kitten.


No one is here apart from you and me , he whisper in her ears sending chills down her spine . she instantly hugged him feeling new emotions taking place in her heart again right now that her eyes moisten with the overwhelming feeling.


Geet.. he groan feeling her chest pressing on his bare torso. He huge her back passionately, his hands roam on her bare back roughly making her almost lost her sanity. she inhale sharply feeling his rough lips grazing her soft skin of her neck.


His fingers stuck inside her  b** hook behind  making her mouth went dried. She will loosed it totally today, she thought waiting his next move.

He unclasp it, making the cloth go loose on her fragile body. She was all red now, have her eyes press tightly pressing herself more into him.

His big palms went inside the cloth touching her forbidden area. It was purely bliss he thought. As he started to mold it in his ands while his fingers press nipples hard making her bite on to his shoulder.

He wanted to feel in in his dry mouth, maan thought pulling out her cloth completely from her body , Geet was about to faint now as it was too much for her today when she felt soft silk caressing her body.

She opened her dizzy eyes to see it’s her floral sunny dress she had  brought along with her , she looked into his eyes , to see him gazing into her hazels back with same burning passion as she hold I her own.


His fingers hooked her b** again back on its place , geet shudder with the feeling he had left on her body, his raw touch still linger on her body making that tingling sensation ran down her core.


She blushed like a new bride standing like a doll in his arms while he make her wore her dress. He was lost in her innocence and beauty and soft smile tug at the corner of his lips . his hands graze on her every body parts making her dizzy ,


Once done , he  was going to lift her again when , she hurriedly stop him.


I need to go to washroom. She mutter feeling conscious. As right now he look so demanding and there was authority in his each act .

Hmm. I am waiting outside , saying so he left her there and went out.


Precap : –


Pal pal ka maza le le jaane jaan

Jo hai aaj hai kal to aaye na

Beloved, enjoy every moment

Today is important, tomorrow won’t come

Lgta muze deewna tu

Tera mera kya vaasta

It looks to me that you’re crazy

We have no connection

Aise na choddun tera raasta

I won’t leave your way just like this

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  1. Fabulous Chapter

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    but now she is also angry that to hide his love he raised his hands on her
    Maan indeed is possessive and protective over Geet , its good that he does not want
    others looking at his love and he takes her to change room their moments were beautiful
    and blissful and Maan indeed falls deeper for Geet she maybe be bold but she is innocent
    and this fact he loves
    Geet should now give him a little bit of a hard time , make him now run after her let him realize
    her true worth , he may love her but he also did hurt her deeply

    Liked by 1 person

      1. thank you , he did not yet confessed his feelings, he only asked forgiveness for his deeds


    1. thanks for wonderful comment , yeah he did not yet confessed his love , e only had asked forgiveness for his acts. lets see how he tackle her and how do she gave him tough times


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