Maan was startle seeing her tear stricken face , just then he felt his finger tips burning , he looked at to see white marks there, his eyes widen in shock and without wasting anymore time he rushed to take water bucket and flush all water on her waist area.he flush it removing that little amount of color .he left a huge breath of relief once finding it’s gone now.he was relive that color was not much and she react quickly.

Geet was startle and confuse with all happenings , she was so shock with his move but to her relief there was no burning sensation on her skin now. She tried to touch it but Maan hold her hand preventing her , he had washed his his hand as well , that was little color that it was easy for him to remove now.

Geet looked at him confused and her eyelids turn heavy , she blank out in his arms.

Image result for maneet ff his precious possession

Geet..he was worried , he took her in his arms without caring for his surrounding , and made his way towards her room from backyard.

Maids gasp to see the scene , they rushed behind to help there Queen.

Sulkshna who saw it rushed to inform Samrat first.


Here in the room , Maan was continuously trying to woke her up but she was still unconscious making him scare now.

He finally made a call to Samrat , so that he could called his known Doctor being the King here , he could make it fast.

He sat beside her staring her beautiful face , now had turn pale with all the happenings.

Who could do this ? He was thinking when Samrat and sulkshna rushed inside.

What happened ? Why is she unconscious ?

Samrat sat on the other side of the bed worried to see her state.

Someone had mixed chemical in color.

Maan’s words left everyone standing there shock to dead, loud gasps escape from maids mouth , few of them rushed to throw that color away so that others will be safe.

What ? Hows that possible ? Samrat was too shock , he was burning with fury.


Who dare to play with the life of His Queen.

He was more frustrated on himself that he couldn’t even took care of her , the fiasco happened in the palace of his.

Just then Doctor rushed inside along with her nurse.

Samrat stood to go , to look after the matter himself but doctors words stop him.

KING , I have warned you before as well took good care of her , it would be risky for both of them.

Her words made Maan dumbstruck,

images (12)

“Both of them ” ??

What she mean by that, his eyes widen in realization , he looked at the doctor as she continues while his eyes drag towards his Sweetheart , who laying still.

It’s good you flushed  water on her burn skin , but how could you be so reckless, doctor was fuming to see Geet in this condition after her lots of warning as well , that she almost forgot that she is speaking with the King.

Samrat stood feeling guilty, listening to her words while he knew her each words are really true, he could have look after it.

Sulkshna couldn’t took it , she blasted on her.

Beware, you are talking to the King.

I am sorry princess, but it’s my duty to look after patients needs, and here she is going to be mother soon and you guys can’t even look after her needs and safety properly.

Sulkshna just nodded her head understanding her pov.


Maan felt the earth beneath him shook hard, he felt his head spinning. He stood up with a startle gaping at her face , like seeing her first time.


Is she going to give birth to his baby.his own blood .? He couldn’t believed it .

All flashes from the time he came back here to her ,comes to his mind.

Her mood swings , her sudden anger, the way she used to cried on every small thing , blabbering him, her sudden change of attitude , it’s all because she is going to be mother of his child.

Sudden happiness rushed to him and he took one step to reach her but..he stop suddenly realizing she didn’t told him.he was himself unknown.

WHY ??

Samrat looked at his blank face , the way he stood up suddenly, his eyes were widen knowing there are no hide and seek now when he comes to know the big thing of his life.

Doctor was blabbering something about her condition and all about medicines but only sulkshna was listening to her taking all the needed information .

Both men stood lost in there own world.

Samrat was gaping at Maan gawking his blank face , trying to find out his reaction but there was nothing only his blank face.

He saw him suddenly rushing out without uttering even a word.

Samrat tried to called him but he was gone long ago , he left a huge breath thinking it’s needed to let him alone for a while and think on the situations which he is in. He had to comprehend the big news he just got now.

He turn his attention towards ladies now going near to them.

Take good care of her , King . Please.

Samrat shook his head understanding her.

Here is the medicines and her diet chart , plz look after her , she seems too much in stress recently , her bp had shoot up , and it’s not good sign for her when she is pregnant.she is looking fragile, her weight has so decrease, look at her , she is looking thin.its not good for her baby either.

Samrat felt a pang of pain in his heart, he looked at her pale face, how much he tried he couldn’t took care of her.


Doctor given her one antiseptic tube to applied on her skin , which sulkshna got from her.

Thanking her Samrat assured her , he will take care of her well.

Doctor took a leave before that she glance  painfully at her way.she was really worried for her innocent friend but couldn’t do much when she is the Queen here.

Take care of your child , God .she pray silently leaving from there.


Maan rushed madly outside taking out his car , he drive madly on the empty road of Jodhpur.


He was furious beyond his wits. Tears burn his eyes out of frustration , pain .

Each moments of them comes before his eyes , marking him more furious .

Her vomiting that day , her changes in body , her reactions to his questions.

How could she hide this big thing from him. He knew she was virgin. its him he is the father of a child.

Couldn’t she once believe him, he applied the break hard.

He hit the stirring hard furiously , yes she believed him, she did unconditionally , he was the one who broke it , broke her brutally.

He was the one , he hit the stirring again being mad on himself.

I don’t want to hide anything from you , just give me some time.

Her words rang in his brain.

She was not wrong Neither she is now. It’s was always him.

He fail to understand her, he fail to understand her unspoken words, he fail.

He fail to get the fact that he is going to be Daddy soon.


That word brought small smile on his face in between his tears.






He fail in every damn thing when it’s related to her , his sweetheart.

She was all along bearing it , and now even .he couldn’t took care of her well.

He made her cried, tense , scared all this while , she suffered because of him.

Doctors words rang inside his mind and suddenly he started his car to rush towards her.

He needs to be there , beside her , taking care of her and his baby.

He couldn’t loose more, he wanted to be a good husband , good father.

Yes he will married her soon now , would not wait more.


Precap :- Accident ??

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29 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 65

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    the only person that comes to my mind is Sheemiksha (Maan’s supposedly would be )

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    but though she never told him she did say must give her time and she will tell him

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      1. i don’t like memory loss thing, so don’t worry , about his wife ff also you have seen my different take over on memory loss of geet but actually i don’t like it .


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